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Title: Need help with my YouTube acct
Post by: Magluvin on March 22, 2018, 04:47:04 AM
For some strange reason this laptop has reset(erased) all my logins and passwords.  Normally when I come here im already logged in. But All I had to do was hit login and then hit log in forever and Im set.  But my YT acct says my password is wrong. Same as I have used since I opened the acct. When I go for password recovery it says only the owner can access the acct. Doesnt make sense.

I go to google help section and try password recovery and it says Ill be asked questions. When I put in my google email for the YT acct again it tells me again that only the owner can access the acct.  So they are not allowing me to recover the acct.  My backup email still shows Im getting reports for activity on my acct, but I cannot seem to get them to send me my password or reset it.

Been here bouncing around google for over an hour now and another hour yesterday.  Im stuck.  Had that acct for 10 odd years..

Any help would be appreciated.   Maybe google doesnt like that I havnt given them a phone no.  Or that I dont use their browsers. I hate them for taking over Yt and making things so complicated and difficult.  I hate google more and more all the time

Title: Re: Need help with my YouTube acct
Post by: Magluvin on March 22, 2018, 05:33:22 AM
Ok, Seems I can go home and retrieve my complete login info and password on firefox,  and my home browser works fine logging in automatically. Gunna do that and see whats up. Cant imagine my password was changed.  Going to head there in a bit and see if I can fix this..    Just does not make sense as to why my and other sites login and password remain but my YT and Yahoo emails are not in the list.  I got on to yahoo emails fine as I know all the info.  But YT is spanking me here.

Weird. I know ALL my logins and passwords, but something is wrong with YT. I used to not let my browsers remember logins and passwords, so I remember them like ABC's.  Ill be freaking out if the password on my home firefox is different than what I know. I didnt change it.

Title: Re: Need help with my YouTube acct
Post by: Magluvin on March 22, 2018, 08:21:24 AM
Sure enough, the login and password on my home pc is the same as what I have tried for the last 2 days.

Just got back to the shop and went to login to YT and the correct email automatically showed in place and I typed in the password that I had tried many times again and again, anD now it logs in.  Exited out and I am auto logged in also. 

Now, when I go to fire fox options/security to see if the list shows and the login and password, they are not there in the list. MAAAYYBBEEEE I have to reset my laptop for that to be listed?  I already exited out and back in to fire fox... Actually its Comodo Ice Dragon, which uses the very basics of fire fox along with Comodo security mods. 

Anyhow, Im in.   This stupid stuff can drive ya nuts. Cant help think bad things. Like when I put up my last vid I had some crazy crap go on with several things afterwards, starting with the upload itself, as indicated in red wording on the upload page. Hit publish again and it worked.  But then it happened to be set on private, not by me, and even if it was the link still should have worked, as 1 person here claimed it didnt work, till is looked and set it for public. Ugh. Maybe its all just flukes..
Again, cant help but think bad things. And Im not goin nuts.  My yt password I can blurt out its spelling like I can my 11 letter last name. I wasnt typing it in wrong. 

I dont use google for anything other than just having the required acct for YT and my cell. But I never use any of their services like email or search other than YT.

Funny, even though Im in, I still am on it about why its not in the list. Yet?   


Title: Re: Need help with my YouTube acct
Post by: Magluvin on March 22, 2018, 09:36:28 AM
Ok. Hopefully the last post on this.  Got an email from google that was an alert that someone logged into my acct from a new device earlier. Said used fire fox and was in the miami area, Im in ft lauderdale. The ip address description said it could be in nearby cities as the location was not detailed.  Well I have had both these computers for years, and my acer one, still running great on XP pro is like near 10 years old. Something is wacky.  I made screen shots of the email. Im sending in a complaint to see if I can get more info.

So far YT is not in the saved logins yet is still working when I exit and reload icedragon.

Im tired.

Title: Re: Need help with my YouTube acct
Post by: Magluvin on March 22, 2018, 09:41:51 AM is my login to YT.  Was an email I have had for years when I started riding electric bikes. Was selling them back then when gas here was 4.25 a gal. After the prices went down sales died.  Now there are electric bike shops everywhere. Best to buy a half decent Trek and by a hub motor kit on ebay. Will get more for your money than buying at the ebike stores.

Title: Re: Need help with my YouTube acct
Post by: ramset on March 22, 2018, 10:01:56 AM
we had a man here [a member]
Brag he could hack anything ,taunting....[in PM's I passed onto Stefan]
he was a "Friend" of another fellow who is no longer a member here and they were hacking this forum for a few days ....a couple of years ago when one was moderated ....posting comments in old posts they had made [its still all there in the forum history dates and posts ,once they touched it ..there was no way to cover it up]

I think one member was from behind the old iron curtain [the actual hacker]

oddly enuff they were threatening Wesley in these PM's and Stefan too [well they did not just do this in Pm's it was on the forum too.

I remember talking to Verpies about this when it was going on and he felt it was just one guy hacking around,Not able to do multiple {really big hacking]
he said if that is going on its not just one guy...but most likely a government [big or multiple sight simultaneous hacks]

Wesley recently said [posted on the forum here] his Utube acc't was being hacked and that fellows from a similar part of the world were doing it ,he said "they" basically can treat Utube like its there's

 he said his view count was being changed [along with plenty else]
I watched a cpl times
and it was [should not go down??]

this crap happens all the time ....people think your "off" when you mention it .

Scum of the earth hackers looking to ??
the only solace I have is its all open source anyway...
Like giving a guy a sandwich

and he runs away like he's stealing it ??

and I have known for a LONGTIME nothing on the internet is private ,and most likely the Holes "they" have to watch us

others can crawl into too.

we're open source.... who cares , there is a sorta freedom in that i really enjoy
somebody wants to break into my house to steal a sandwich I would gladly give him??

Yeah I know....a thief in the house does get a whole different  "treatment" for obvious reasons
and if any of us could actually meet these cowards/peeping toms who sneak around in our computers

they most likely would get a different kind of sandwich...

Just one mans opinion

Chet K
Title: Re: Need help with my YouTube acct
Post by: norman6538 on March 22, 2018, 01:29:24 PM
Mags, I had a similar thing way back when youtube switched to google.  I never could resolve it.
So I had to make another id.. And could never get back to the pendulum video again.

A tip for passwords.
I use password patterns that have multiple parts  so that I can have a file with hints
about the patterns but not the real passwords and since I have used that I never get caught
on lost passwords but some places do log me out from time to time and I can get back
in by looking up the pattern.
And the password is not the same for various accounts...

At least you can log in at home.