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Title: Evidence of Perpetual Motion Worth Reproducing!
Post by: NathanCoppedge on March 07, 2018, 02:19:08 AM
I have some nominal support from a single professional engineer who preferred that I not quote him directly... but I seem to need his quote to support my case, as hardly anyone else has said anything significant on my account.

“Say, you talk about pulling something up an inclined plane with an equal weight. You're right. This is possible. And not at all a violation of conservation of energy.” — *name withheld in this case to save his reputation but used elsewhere for the sake of credibility.

I call this scientific proof in part because I think the partial yet successful experiment I built deserves attention.

There really seems to be evidence (strong evidence) that the device moves up and down from rest without electricity or magnets, and with all moving parts, just as the engineer says.

As far as I know this experiment had never been conducted successfully until my work in Nov 2013.

The engineer claims he reproduced the experiment in a matter of hours of his spare time and that his experiment didn't work for some reason, but I have trouble believing him as he would not explain clearly what went wrong for him, and would not provide photos of what he supposedly did.

It may be the engineer assumed he knew how it worked or did not work, but did not really conduct an experiment. As a result, I am not sure that anyone has actually tried to build the actual build of this except me.

I have searched Youtube for evidence of perpetual motion levers, and most if not all refer either to the Bhaskara Wheel or the V-Gate magnet device, which are very different and require much more (or maybe by contrast, any) inputted energy.

My video shows the up-and-down motion, which I have tested many times with a level, even rotating the level to test for warping:


In final implementation, the device would work the same way, but with identical lever-and-slotted-track units repeated horizontally, with only one somewhat larger marble moving across all of them. I have found construction somewhat difficult, but the principle largely proven by the experiment and the fact that the midpoint of a taller marble with the same weight proportionality already used would be able to lift the next lever due to having room to move into (since it is proven to already rise), and because of the sufficient weight ratio and sufficient leverage.

A super simple and I think adequate for proof description of the equilibrium mechanics involved can be found here, confirmed by the major video:


Perhaps this could be taken as tentative evidence of perpetual motion, but if so I have not met with much approval from anyone. So my question is: what if I'm right? What if, in effect, the experiments really happened, which they did? Then how, in this case since I am outside of academia and outside of the scientific community, how will anyone notice that it happened?

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