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Author Topic: Un (pas trop encombrant) générateur électrique auto-alimenté utilisant de l'eau  (Read 5758 times)

Offline DrJones

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J'ai vu ici mon bon ami d'auparavant, NerzhDishual

Ca fait bien longtemps...
(Mille excuses parce que la langue Francaise me manque ces jours!)

Question:  est-ce tu a un device le plus favorit a ce moment??
-- Etienne Jones (au Missouri)

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline NerzhDishual

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Hi Dr Jones (aka E......) !

Thanks for speaking French. Yes, long time no see.
Guess what? I thought you were kinda cold shouldering me... :-\

I built a lot of circuits with these Cap-Coils, Indacitors, Cond-Coils, etc.. Without achieving OU (COP(s) from 0.20 to 0.95). Perhaps my measurements were  not properly done. Anyway, I could observe a No-Lenz effect.  I must have missed something.

Actually, I figured out that a lot of (claimed) Russian self running circuits  are using this Cap-Coil contraption.

One exemple : the Alexander Komarov (claimed) "Eternal Flaslight" that uses a "Kacher Brovina/Slayer Exciter Circuit" (mini Tesla transformer) and 2 Cap-coils.

I give up, for the moment.
Now, I'm interrested in these (claimed) self running apparently impossible  crazy devices. :)
I found 3 machines, one from a French man and 2 from American guys.

But, Yet another self runnig machinery?
from "Indra Sumardi Panggabean"

"water generator homemade 01"

"water generator homemade 02"

"water generator homemade 03"
Of coarse, all this can be faked, counterfeit, phony, spurious and even snake -oiled contrivances.
However, I beg to be allowed to differ.

Take a water pump and a hosepipe that gives you a water jet. Should you use (or not) the kinetic energy of this water jet that the water pump would not care (power consumption wise). Evidently, when you firmly  block up the  hosepipe, the water pump is not happy.

But as long as you maintain an "air gap" this water pump will not see anything.
No Action-Reaction. IMO this is (one) of the necessary (but not sufficient) condition to achieve OU.

One other condition is to be fortunate (or infortunate (PTB reaction wise))?.

All the best,

Offline DrJones

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  Oh, my!  "Thanks for speaking French. Yes, long time no see.[/size]Guess what? I thought you were kinda cold shouldering me..."
 Pas du tout!
   Not at all --  My wife and I traveled to an inner city area to serve a Christian mission  (Newark, New Jersey area), staying in a rather humble apartment - and it turned out to be quite an experience for us!  But we were gone for a long time and stayed so busy that we had little time for much else...

   Now back, I'm still very interested in alt-energy.  And I've been working on a little circuit that may show something, but not-much (if anything).  It's fun, though...

I do like the idea of using WATER (as you suggested) in one way or another... seeking alt-energy.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline NerzhDishual

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 Hi Dr Jones.

OK. Good news. I however hope that your are now not living in a Tiny House.  :)
Very nice indeed, but not too much room for experimenting... :P
My I suggest you to consult :
RHYTHMODYNAMICS . Second edition, revised and extended.
By Yuri N. Ivanov. MOSCOW 2007
(Pdf file attached )

Notably pages 122 and following of the pdf about Newton 3rd Law of Motion.
I have ordered a lot of (more or less useful) things (essentially pumps), small gen.
I'm planing to build a Pelton Turbine with a small bike wheel and some cheap spoons.
I'm not so comfortable with gears and mechanical stuffs.

When you write a computer program, you need nothing, but a computer and a language, of course.
When you design an electronic circuit, there are often some components not available in your lab.
When you built a mechanical device, you must always be short of a lot of "gadgetry".
Anyway, Open Source, should there be any interesting success (or failure) to report.

All the best,
I could not resist to attach one of my pdf about the MKS SYSTEM.

The pitch is:
If, according to the Swedish physicist Ove Tedenstig, you consider the Vacuum permittivity,(ε0 = 8.85×10−12 F/m), as the inverse of a mass density (M/L^3), you will no more need the Amperes as a base unit.

Amazing. No?

Offline NerzhDishual

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Salve a tutti,

Je continue à gamberger sur le système.
Je ne cesse aussi de dépenser les sous du ménage à commander sur Ternet
des machins (pas trop chers) qui pourraient s'avérer plus ou moins utiles.

J'ai étudié attentivement le brevet de James D. Hardy.
J'ai aussi nettoyé la figure 1 et et ajouté des étiquettes (en anglais pour le moment).

Le brevet est en pièce jointe.

Ce brevet comporte quelques astuces à piquer, notamment l'utilisation d'une pompe à eau à courant continu.
En fait, quand vous démarrez un moteur électrique annoncé pour X watts, il consomme
au moins environ 5 fois plus au démarrage pendant une seconde ou deux.
Cela suffit pour déconnecter un convertisseur 12 VCC vers 220VCA en cas de demarrage de pompe à courant alternatif.
Par contre, une batterie va très bien supporter ce pic de courant.

Une solution serait, en cas de courant alternatif, d'utiliser plusieurs résistances
de démarrage, genre résistances d'appareil de chauffage. C'est assez ouvrageux. Non?
Si vous avez des idées merci de me le faire savoir.

Une autre solution de James D. Hardy est d'utiliser le générateur électrique d'un
groupe électrogène avec un système de multiplication de vitesse.
En fait, je ne doute pas de la possibilité théorique d'un tel système.
Par contre, la pratique n'est pas si simple.
Du  point de vue théorique et selon moi (merci d'éventuellement me contredire):
Un pompier qui tient une lance à incendie est d'accord avec Mr Newton.
Action : l'effet du jet d'eau.
Réaction : la force inverse qu'il doit fournir pour rester en place.
Cela (semble(?)) équilibré.
Action = Réaction.

Maintenant, mettez, un véhicule contre le jet d'eau.
Le pompier ne s'aperçoit de rien.
Sinon: Réaction > Action. Non ?

Le bonsoir vous sied,

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline NerzhDishual

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  • Posts: 588