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Author Topic: Simple steps for free energy  (Read 4185 times)

Offline abbhawk

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Simple steps for free energy
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:42:28 AM »
Hi, I am not a real scientist so i hope other people will take over, and maybe try make a product like this. I have seen many free energy devices all the way back to 1900, and those who claim it works are usually not that happy about telling how it really work. I think that I have figured out some of the steps that some scientist are doing to make their machines work, and now i will share with you so you can bring it forward. It is very simple and when i tell i guess many will see it a logic. Maybe even something everyone know, but just very few take advantage of this knowledge.

This is a solid state device but to explain i need to tell you how to make it mechanic too , just to show the logic behind it.

If you see how induction power is made it work like this, i guess everyone here wind a cobber coil and attach to a battery, then you take a magnet and take it in/out of cobber coil, when you do this you will make a power flash in coil that goes to battery. What i guess is really happening is that the magnet field is inserted into coil to activate it.

You will spend alot of energy if you sit with a magnet in your hand and produce induction power, so to do this in a easy way you can make a wheel with magnets that can turn around while it runs through your cobber coil. If you have maybe 12 magnets on your wheel, you make like 12 power flashes each round. Now you make energy. If you add coils so you have maybe 4 coils then you make like 48flashes for each round spin. If you add a little motor to your system you might make it spin 30 times per minutte. So you will make like 1800 spins per hour of 48flashes = 86400 power flashes per hour.

I do not know how much power that can be, but it can be improved by changing it to be a solid state device.

If you insted of using neodym magnets take a iron core and and cobber wire around it, then it become a electro magnet, that wil activate the magnet field everytime electricity is added to wire. So if you have 12 of these magnet in a row (or placed in a box) serial connected with coils around them, then they should make 12 sparks everytime power go through the magnet.

Now you will have a few options many forget about.

1) You can have an on/off button that you activate as fast as you can - i guess like 30 times per minutte, so same result as if mechanic device.

2) You can add a device that change your power to a 100hz power that switch magnet on/off 100times per second

3) I guess you can use AC current that change directions like an on/off butten (it is AC right?) and i guess this will run on 100hz too. If you use DC power then your power will come in a direct line so magnet wont switch on/off

If you succeed in turning power on/off 100times per second then you make 1200x3600 power flashes = 4.3mio flashes per hour.

I do not know many people who know if this is true or not, but i share idea with an electroingeneer that say it could be plausible that im right. So know i bring idea to you guys/ladies that i see as the real experts. I am sorry if i waste your time, i try to do my best. I dont really dare to make this device irl myself, anyone feel free to try. Maybe someone see a light when reading this.

What i have no knowledge off, is, if it matter if coil are small or big in cirkel or it matter if coil have 2 rounds or many rounds, but i assume it could make an impairment for the end result.

Have a nice day