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Title: If you have a reel/coil of wire and a neodymium magnet, try this...
Post by: aether22 on February 20, 2018, 01:44:23 AM
I have been experimenting for for time with aetheric energy.

I have found many ways to effect the aether, but the other day I decided to share a simple discovery, that if you angle a magnet relative to a rotating disk, that some orientations will charge the disk, while others will charge the magnet.

Aetheric energy mixed with electrical energy is how Free Energy works, so it is possible this will lead to Free Energy when incorporated with a suitable device.

I have discovered just now a solid state parallel effect, where is a magnet is oriented relative to a coil in certain ways either the magnet or the coil becomes energetically "charged".

The rotating disk is replaced with a coil of wire, there are 2 primary orientations that do this, one is if one pole of the magnet is facing the side of the coil, which pole faces the coil effects which object becomes charged and which is comparatively drained of aetheric energy.

The other orientation that works is it the magnet is oriented along the wire, which is to say the axis on magnetization is parallel to the wire.

By combining these 2 orientations a stronger effect is produced by placing the magnet as 45 degrees as the pole is pointing toward the energy circulating in the wire, well I should clarify, if you use the wrong pole the magnet will tend to become charged, at this time I want to see if people can feel the difference without me saying which pole does what.

In the attached image you can see at 6 o'clock a single pole faces the outside perimeter of the coil, at 3 o'clock the axis of magnetization runs parallel with the wire, and at 9 oclock it is 45 degrees between the other 2, which is to say the same pole is facing the coil as at 6 o'clock and the direction the flux is pointing is the same as per 3 O'clock, so it is a hybrid.

Furthermore is seems that here also some additional enhancement takes place if the coil is is upright, the magnet can be oriented slightly above the coil facing down slightly, this is not critical, but it does not hurt.

The additional detail is that the energy from this arrangement is boosted if the wire is connected to the magnet, but only in the correct orientation, (imagine the energy approaching the face of the magnet as it flow through the wire, this end of the wire, or a split off of the wire can lead to the magnet.
This boosts the magnets energy which helps increase the energy from this arrangement.

Thing is with a tiny alteration from a device, you could add a magnet to a coil and boost the device's aetheric functionality.

If you manage to boost it enough, you might just gen Free Energy or other anomalous physics.

I can prove the reality of this to most people, I can show you how to be proficient at understanding and incorporating this energy in your experiments.
Title: Re: If you have a reel/coil of wire and a neodymium magnet, try this...
Post by: aether22 on February 20, 2018, 06:14:41 AM
I have found that if you have a magnet between 2 coils, it transfers energy from one coil to the other through the magnet.

The middle magnet can itself be a coil.

What does this remind you of?

This is PRECISELY how Lester Hendershots coils were placed in his earlier design!

Title: Re: If you have a reel/coil of wire and a neodymium magnet, try this...
Post by: aether22 on February 20, 2018, 06:15:59 AM
Original image.