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Poor Man´s Spectrum Analyzer

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Poor Man´s Spectrum Analyzer

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Hi, i am interested in getting a spectrum analyzer, and because they are so expensive i was searching around for a diy spectrum analyzer, and i found this pdf.


I am sure i will never do this myself, because even if i get it working, it will probably not be good enough to use in any meaningful way, but what i would like to ask is if there is maybe other ways of doing this that is easier, and better?

Also, can somebody speak on the quality of these usb spectrum analyzers that are sold on ebay for ~
$ 200? Are they worth buying?
I know that there are more then just one, but i just ask generally.

Struth I just looked at it, it's huge I bet that wont be cheep. Don't Regal do a cheep version ?

Ebay have a good few computer driven black box spectral analysers/oscilloscopes, for around £80. It's a matter of quality.

have YOU found this one ?


Thanks for the replies, and all that.

You have a point there when you said it is all about quality.
I want to buy/build something that is worth the money, because i have done so many bad deals in the past, and i dont want to spend even 10 dollars if i dont get something that i am pretty sure that i will be satisfied with.

I will check out the link right away, thanks AG


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