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The answer has been given, but it was deliberately removed.

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The answer to the TPU was given yesterday, but it was quickly removed by BRUCE_TPU because he has issues with his EGO.
BRUCE_TPU is a fraud and attention Wh
Who would have thought, that when the answers, were finally published, they would be removed from the board by some guy that is only looking for some attention high.
Well Bruce here it is again.
I knew you was going to remove it so i made a screenshot. ( see how predictable you are)
You can not stop me.

Please people realize that you are wasting your time with BRUCE_TPU he doesn't have a clue about what makes the TPU tick.
He is just a wannabe Steven Mark that is posting useless crap that is not related to the TPU at all just so he can get some attention high from you guy's.

Here is that drawing again i can assure you that it is valid.
2018 will be the year of free energy.
Not for BRUCE_TPU because for him it's just gonna be another year down the drain.
And karma will get him hard since he deleted the one schematic, that is going to save our planet.
The one, and only correct schematic that was posted to this board in well over 10 Years !
Well done Bruce you can be proud of yourself putting your selfish ego twat attention high above the coming global free energy event.

Follow the field lines in the diagram.

I will be back.


We know that the construction diagram is valid because this was pointed out in an Email, send by Steven Mark to Lindsay Mannix back in 2006.
I guess we all have seen the construction diagram that was posted by user TAO back in the days.
I will attach it to this post for those that missed it.

Steven Mark actually pointed out that there was something wrong with TAO's design.
Here is the post from Lindsay Mannix that shows this:

Sent to: tao on: June 28, 2006, 04:04:44 AM
Tao,By the way..
When Steven said that you have the secret he said in
another mail among other things that you have the collector and contol
winding relationship the wrong way...

This was posted back in 2006 and the design was modified last year.
The result can be seen in my previous post, it resembles a loudspeaker, without permanent magnets but with a triple voice coil.
This thing can actually be driven like a loudspeaker, and will definitely vibrate or as we call it today 'sing'.

I am not here to go into endless discussion with anybody.
The only thing that i will do is publish data.
And everyone is free to decide how and if they are going to use it.
If you can not see the logic in my two posts i have just published, including the correction pointed out by the inventor,
Then this is probably not for you.
But if you do see the logic, and you have the ah ha moment, know that it looks simple because it is simple.
Can it be that simple? yes it can be that simple.


Calm down.

He did that on purpose.

It’s not fair to just give you the answer like that.
And I’m not going to post it again.

He obviously wants you guys to learn and understand this
Through your own path.
Not be spoon fed information you can then refute.

He will prove everything he is saying, in his own time frame.
This probably depends on how quickly his students are able to learn.
Some people take longer than others.

If you want to figure this out, start from the beginning
Follow his instructions
And skip over other people’s nonsense (including mine because I use different descriptions)

He tells you everything you need to know.

Ah the first troll has arrived.
You will be added to the ignore list.

Hello turbo,

why not become a member at ramsets webseite and post everthing you have there ?

Giantkiller is a member who did extensive research on this. He would be glad to discuss this.



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