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The answer has been given, but it was deliberately removed.

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I have lost track of what happens where so this is the first place that comes to mind.
I do not know other places.

Also i am sure that Giantkiller will see the light from these two posts i made there as will many others.

That Is Peter's [peterae] site "over unity research"

I just Mop the floors .....

I will bring these contributions from Turbo to all TPU eyes possible {GK etc etc]
and this is as good a place as any IMO


also I will look for Lindsay's contact and send an invite too


Hey turbo.

Questions. These 3 individual coils. Are they loose from each other? Or are they just 3 individual layered coils? Not sure I understand that we can hear sounds from them if they are solid with one another. Which is the receiver coil, control coil, etc.  Hope thats not too much to ask.


report done by Dr.ROLAND SCHINZINGER who was present at one of SM'S video demos.

"After the test the inventor cut the toroidally shaped device into segments (though not the controller box located at the center of the device).
These samples consisted of an array of circumferentially arranged coils and wires grouped around a core made of a cork like substance."

Even without cork fixed coils will vibrate think of the humm of a classic low frequency transformer.

It resembles a loudspeaker except that the permanent magnet is replaced by two other coils, if you feed it a steady DC current and inject an audio signal, it will sing for you.
If it's frequency is low enough it will dance for you.

Bwahahaha bwahahaha bwahahaha bwahahaha

Marco, as always all smoke and mirrors and an ego to fill a swimming pool.

I see NO circuit, I see NO generating of power, I see only pretty pictures.

Put up something substantive or you have NO IDEA AND NOTHING but PRETTY art work!

Truth hurts... SORRY!



Ps... I'm ACTUALLY generating current, and showed HOW to get started,  NOT pretty pictures... Bwahahaha

Lay aside pride and TRY IT PLEASE!


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