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The answer has been given, but it was deliberately removed.

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Hello ALL,

Power does not "magically" appear because of how a coil is wound or even with what frequencies it is pulsed.

To make power you must be "intentional".  First you must identify a form of additional means for gain outside of the norm.
I have told these guys it is ELECTRONS OFF OF THE WIRE.

You must figure out HOW to get the electrons off of the wire.  I have also told them HOW and WHY this is done.  I actually used "Math" to figure it out and then proved it out long ago in the lab.

You must figure out HOW to move the electrons.  Find out WHAT they are attracted to and they will move for you, at a rapid rate.  I told how to do this.

You must figure out HOW to collect MORE electrons to make a BIGGER magnet.  Bigger magnet equals more EMF generated.  I have NOT told this.

You must lastly figure out HOW to use ALL OF THAT to generate EDDY CURRENTS that will give you your greater output.  This part is a "work in progress". 

Pulsing coils is a dead end without having done the leg work above.  That is, for anyone serious about this stuff.  Otherwise, it's just fun to build coils, I know.

2+2 will always equal 4. 



Take the theoretical situation of two series-pancake coils
With a “solenoid” between them.

compare the EM field to a normal transformer
Keeping the impedance ratios of each equal.

How is the field different ?
Why is the field different ?

now test them both in the real world

How is the output different?
Why is the output different?


hahahahaha. SM has been grueling, always has been.

Let me post this diagram I made back in 2011. It pushes the toroid and speaker coil idea to the extreme.

"The answer to the TPU was given yesterday, but it was quickly removed by BRUCE_TPU because he has issues with his EGO."
Don't know why you are saying Bruce showed the TPU. None of that is consistent with all the other TPUs and SM surely did not develop more then one principle of OU operation so......... how does it link to the OTPU or FTPU? Cannot. Where can you see those three coils in the MTPU cutaway pie piece? Cannot.

The diagram f*&kbruce.png (not a nice name man) cannot work. It's impossible. So many winds with each turn having its share of cancellation potential will never work like shown. Those arrows showing something as being directional is just wishful thinking. Copper wire does not convey like that. The whole OU community is stuck at level 1 since 10 years now not one worthy principle has been developed and not one out of the box method has been widely tried and experimented for its variables.

Could say much more and push guys into new ways but it always seems to be difficult for OUers to think out of the box. It's as if we need permission from Professor Standard EE to leave the confines of mediocrity. Imagine the guys who worked for years and years on vacuum tubes if they stuck with their daily standards, there would be no tubes to show us that "coupling" is a nucleic proximity challenge that those guys succeeded to crack wide open. Special conductive materials, very particular topologies. Those masters of coupling are now on the endangered species list.

The guys working on ICs are working with coupling as well but atom to atom. Again ask one of those guys how the electron plays into it and you will get a zero sum answer. Imagine if a memory chip had electrons how would it be possible to turn sections on and off when the whole thing would be electron based. It's like trying to make a Popsicle while underwater.


If I charge two Leyden jars to opposite polarity
I have a “net zero sum”
The gate is in between them, controlled by the voltage

This is no different.
A transistor, a diode, cpu

It’s up to you how to charge it

With a semiconductor we insert an electron
which then goes through a path

In an electric system we insert many electrons
And we insert many (holes/positrons/lacks of electrons)
The semiconductor cut-off voltage of air is very high
and it is not nearly as consistent as a lab made doped silicone.

With modern electricity we flow one half of the current.
Because to use both, cancels each other out with an explosion
of energy.
All sorts of heat, rf, visible light, emf, sound, physical vibration

The P and the N
Or the N and the P
They attract each other like magnets

resinous/ vitreous

This is why we can use the same process to turn light, heat, rf
Back into electricity

to have an electron missing (positron)
is just as powerful as having an extra electron

have something that’s missing way too many electrons
and create a situation that feeds it.
We do this when we make batteries

it’s all the same stuff
rub a balloon of your head

make the air have less electrons than a coil
Or a coil have less electrons than the air you just filled

Got some insight that may have merit with the 3 coils I made that Turbo described. Will be trying it this weekend.



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