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Author Topic: Hub Motor Generators  (Read 1410 times)


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Hub Motor Generators
« on: December 01, 2017, 01:31:44 AM »
I see so many vids online of using motors on a bike frame to produce an electric current, more and more in the last ten years is the lure of the ebike hub motors, (usually the gearless/brushless type), my problem is very few of the folks creating the vids are not properly measuring anything, hooking up to a strand of led's or a 13w bulb is meaningless when it comes to further researching and furthering experimentations

I am currently looking to open a crowdfunding account for the parts and equipment I need to do some experiments on hub motor generation, but before I even register my name, I'm going to seek out as much organized data as possible...
so my hope is, those of you that are already in works or have had worked in the past, could you front up some data for everyone to share, such as... tech specs, operational data, ect.

the manufacturer of the motor,
the type (brushed/brushless, geared/gearless)
the rating (volts, watts, peak watts)
what specific parts you used in addition to the motor
the measured results of SPECIFICALLY volts and amps (separately, not combined as total watts)
and at what rpm's did you record those results
a seemingly unrelated but VERY important piece of info if you are able to find out/discover/measure is the torque required to produce the results

(this also includes hand made magnetodyne devices, but needed added measurements such as the specs on the magnets, wire type, thickness, length, the specs on the other parts in the setup, ect.)

sharing such specific information with everyone would do nothing but be a huge help to everyone in these communities, so please help your brothers and sisters here everyone !!!

I'm thinking of creating a "Wiki" kind of database for inventors and will need a constant stream of info to fill the site up