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Author Topic: ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY  (Read 3477 times)


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ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY
« on: July 30, 2020, 07:45:14 PM »

@ All,

Anbody  knows what Frequencies to use for this Flux Power Technology?
Please advise.

Steven Mark TPU only used 3 frequencies and also generated DC with hash. 
I am of the thinking this man has found Stevens secret but had to change things so as to not be hit with patent infringement problems.
He used 5 frequencie
s and did the same thing. 
One thing that stands out is he used aluminum plates.
Put a coil on a plate and energize it, it produces a reverse magnetic field "equal" to the one you send.
This could be going in many ways.

This version already had 6000 watts of output power.

In a video he explains the following:

Here we have three plates with a solid aluminum layer on one side, followed by a layer of bismuth,
then another layer of aluminum with six recesses.

The windings are attached there, followed by a layer of bismuth, another plate with windings,
then another layer of bismuth, then another plate of aluminum, and so you get a panel.

Greetings, Alex


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Re: ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2020, 07:54:23 PM »
I have found a source for the Bismuth plates, see quotation below:

Thank you for your request. Please see the attached quote for the sheet.
The highest purity we can offer for  sheet form is 99.999%

Bismuth Metal Sheet Thickness: 3mm
Size: 100mm x 100mm
10 pieces $775.08/pc

Purity: 99.999% (metals basis)

If you need higher purity then we can offer it in the form of pieces.

Gabriel Leis I Product Engineer
10884 Weyburn Ave. | Los Angeles, CA 90024 Direct 310.208.7071 | Office 310.208.0551 Fax 310.564.1929

Please join us and our customers and co-sponsors NASA and Boeing at the ASM International Annual Meeting IMAT 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio on September 14, 2020.

Product Information
Product Name Bismuth Sheet
Product Code BI-M-06-SHE
CAS Number 7440-69-9
Purity (6N) 99.9999% (check availability)

Width 100 mm
Length 100 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Quantity 10 pcs for R & D evaluation
Optional Information
Technical Specifications


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Re: ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2020, 12:11:16 AM »

over the years you have built and shared some remarkable open source work.
PLEASE hold off a bit on Buying those sheets...I will absolutely make calls tomorrow ...especially the fellow familiar with the tech and claim [maybe frequency help ?? ].
and some university contacts where we might get lucky with Lab grade surplus sheets or ?
nothing ventured nothing gained ...please give a few days.
and for clarity I really want to be certain about credibility of claim..I could not spend time when man called me [fellow who implied it was real] ...i will call a few extra persons who may have more info...just to be certain.



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Re: ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2020, 11:55:24 PM »

Seems the info i received needs more verification [Considerable ] not order supplies..sending you a PM I cannot post info here.


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Re: ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2020, 01:10:53 AM »
#Reply 1 :
Quotation 775 US$ per plate 100mm x 100mm x 3mm
compared with :

alibaba enter : Changsha Santech Materials Co.,Ltd

as example

up to -90% lower costs !

When 9,808 gr per cube centimetre is the specific weight from Bismuth

100mm x 100mm x 3 mm wafer/plate weight ~ 30 cube centimetre x 9,808 gr ~ 300 gr wafer/plate weight

6N Bismuth material ( commercial )worth :          10 US$/Kg


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Re: ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2020, 01:51:49 PM »
Giant energy density and high efficiency achieved  in bismuth ferrite-based film capacitors via domain engineering

Bismuth-aluminium (+ graphit,later graphene option ) Dr.Schwartz used

Strategical disadvantage : rare mineral element
2018 : 16000 metric tons exploration ( 80% China)

Worldwide reserves of bismuth : 320000 metric tons

320000 : 16000 = 20 years peak-bismuth exploration to 100% recycling market

320 000 000 Kg : 3 000 000 000 private households( 2100,3 capita per household )  =

                               0,1067 Kg per private household

We can estimate an 100x fold price increase ,from 10 US$ to 1000 US$ per Kg  !
Why : 100 x fold ?!
 the above Nature-article + CSIRO UltraBattery( Lan Lam,Jun Furukawa; priority date : 2004 ~ 2024: open source) concept for future e-car energetic source and "turbo drive" phase

Optimized Hibrid : Bismuth capacitors and lead-carbon battery to bismuth cap-Sodium-battery

Bismuth capacitors as flywheel alternative for city-busses and in each e-car brake energy recuperation storage

So there is a great demand but low offer : house generator,e-cars,industry energy plant and power factor compensation ,military demand,.....