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Author Topic: each side gives more than enough of what other side needs  (Read 1208 times)

Offline that_prophet

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    • free energy generators EXIST as electricity multipliers
each side gives more than enough of what other side needs
« on: November 08, 2017, 10:05:21 PM »
.   This super simple free energy mech - =(AC electricity multiplying technology) of using pulley mechanics to multiply your total # of rotations, and since AC electricity is created using rotations, you are actually multiplying your total amount of AC electricity cycles. This is done by only paying the single burst of DC current, to crank over a 100 cm circumference pulley once. Then by using pulley mechanics, and running 100 cm of moving belt past a 1 cm circumference pulley, returning you 100 rotations, which by adding an AC generator, this could give you a return of 100 cycles of AC electricity. (rotates easily, because you only need to generate one short burst of current = practically zero) Torque is caused when you generate power, + power=voltage multiplied by current, and since current is practically zero, then power + torque are both practically zero.
 .   With this AC electricity multiplying mechanism you would be able to gain 100 units of AC electricity, all from the small spark of DC current that it takes to rotate a DC motor one single time. Please don't listen to this fictitious lie about torque being a problem, as there is no torque problem with this mechanism. With these many rotations of your AC generator you are just winding up massive voltage, (which is just what you need to crank over your large pulley the once), as you only need to generate one small burst of current, (or practically zero). Power is voltage multiplied by current, and even massive voltage multiplied by practically zero current, still equals practically zero power, which takes practically zero torque.
-   Your 100 cm large pulley only has to rotate once, which causes your 1 cm mini-pulley to easily spins 100 times = building up massive voltage, which is exactly what your large pulley needs to crank over the one single time. Each side of this mechanism, through pulley mechanics, gives you more than enough of what the other side needs. The long length of belt that comes off of the large 100 cm circumference pulley gives you 100 rotations of your 1 cm circumference mini-pulley. Then your 100 cycles of AC electricity gives you more than enough voltage (electrical pressure) to crank over your 100 cm circumference pulley the one time, and remember, it only needs the smallest amount of current, just a mini-burst, only enough to crank over your DC motor one single rotation, or practically zero.
   The only reason that this super simple free energy technology has been kept under wraps, is because of all the evil spirits using spiritual warfare to hide this simple free energy mechanism. The workings of this AC electricity multiplying mechanism are so simple, that it works as proof of evil spirits working behind the scene's. How else can you explain us not being able to see this simple use of different sized pulleys to multiply the total # of rotations. Now since AC electricity is generated by rotations, you can actually multiply the # of cycles of AC electricity.
   This works by the simple rotating of one or many 1 cm circumference pulleys many amounts of times, building up massive voltage, which is just what you need to crank over your DC drive motor the one single time. These AC generators would run free of most all torque because even though they are winding massive voltages-(electrical pressure to crank over your DC drive motor once),  you only need to produce the one short burst of current. Since torque is voltage multiplied by current, even massive voltage when multiplied by practically zero current, would equal practically zero power + torque.
   The reason that I only deal with a “spark”, or short burst of current for my DC drive motor, is that is all that it takes the DC drive motor rotate once. This one rotation of the drive motor, with a 100 cm circumference pulley attached, gives you 100 cm of moving belt. This 100 cm of moving belt would produced 100 cycles of  AC electricity from an AC generator attached to a 1 cm circumference pulley running off the same belt. This 100 cycles of AC electricity, when run through a full wave bridge rectifier, could easily produce your on short burst of current, and we already mentioned that we were generating massive voltages.
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