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Theoretical Research:
Okay so it's okay to post some live spectrum footage of a self-runner of devices that I believe are related to Steven Mark devices. so long as details to build it is not published. Please read this post before watching the videos so you’ll know what’s happening. The signal generator is turned on and off throughout the videos. These are unlisted youtube videos that show some characteristics of the effect. This particular device has no diodes or transistors. It’s a low power device, and the self-runners are short lived, kind of like a short life elementary particle.

This device has to be the world's simplest self-runner. There’s no supporting circuit. A signal generator is turned on and off numerous times throughout the video, which is connected to a flyback core. There’s a 0.05 ohm resistor connected directly across the signal generator. The flyback has the two copper foils on the core that I’ve described numerous times in this thread. There is a cap, about 10pF, and another resistor. The flyback copper foil that’s connected to the core is very low. I recall it being something like 4pF.

Sometimes in the videos I will move the signal generator frequency around. It’s obvious when that happens. When the frequency is swept, you will see self-runners spawning here and there. I see no limit as to how many self-runners can be running at once. What am I talking about? Watch the video. You can’t miss the self-runners in the video. The lifespan of a self-runner is unknown and probably determined by ambient thermal noise, which is probably what destroys the self-runners. I’ve had self-runners in this type of device last longer than I have patience to watch. In “ Free energy self-runner effect part 2” you’ll see a self-runner last the entire duration of the video, which is 2 minutes, and it kept running. It was running for sometime before I decided to shoot the video. By the way, sorry for the background music in part 2 video. There were people talking in the background here, who want to remain anonymous. So in youtube video editor I just picked the first background song.

Another interesting effect of the self-runners is the how they will suddenly collapse into a less powerful version, kind of like a lower energy level. They’ll sit there in the lower energy level, and eventually collapse completely like popping a bubble.

The signal generator is not required to spawn self-runners. Ambient thermal Johnson noise is sufficient, but it’s less noticeable.

Also in part 2 there’s some text in the top left corner. Just ignore the gibberish. This is custom software I wrote for a device.

The videos. Turn up the volume so you hear the signal generator being turned off and on.

Free energy self-runner effect, part 1
I start off by doing some frequency sweeps and then focus on a key area that’s known to produce long running self-runners.

Free energy self-runner effect, part 3
A short video showing some frequency sweeps to spawn self-runners.

Free energy self-runner effect part 2
I had to drown out people talking by adding some music. At 3 seconds in the video I turn the generator off. At 25 seconds it’s turned back on. At 30 seconds I start changing the frequency. At 1:08 it’s turned off and left off.

Theoretical Research:
Lot of agent smiths in OU community lol. FYI this community would be last place I will release the self-runner. ;)

Theoretical Research:
ps I had to take down the videos. If you copied them then please delete the videos and do not give them to anyone. Thanks.

Maybe see you in 3 years, unless you allow trump to turn the world into a religious war hating cesspool. The law of like unto like. Seek knowledge and truth.


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