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Author Topic: Modifying My Pioneer DEX-P1R CD Radio Face Plate Back Lighting. Love This Radio  (Read 6801 times)

Offline isawit

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If you put a strong magnet in each hand, the same pole face each other, feel the tension? Now wave 1 hand at 90 degrees to the tension, what do you feel the other hand? I feel an opposite vibration force. 

if you move 1 hand in a clockwise circle, the other hand will move in a counterclockwise circle.

replace the magnet with the electron, see the mechanism of em phenomenon, such as induction, light, energy.

electrons can only vibrate on the plane parallel to atom ball surface, the changing electrical force transfer to other lines of sight electrons instantly through the force lines of f=Ke x e1e2/rr.

Thank this forum, and you guys. I feel getting closer to the mystery.

Offline isawit

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force is invisible, but we can feel/measure it. forces are always there as long as matters/charges exist.

look the universe from an atom. electrons are float on the surface of atom ball.

image positive charge is a ball shape single north pole, negative charge is a ball shape single south pole.

a big/strong north pole will be surrounded by many tiny neodymium south poles, form an atom ball, iron south poles float on that atom ball as electrons. 

maybe that's the true structure of matter. assume that is true, follow the f=Ke x q1q2/rr fact, too see the world and everything.

f= pq/rr is the mother law of nature. so pretty. we have done well to discovered it. we are OK. so far.

Offline Magluvin

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f= pq/rr is the mother law of nature. so pretty. we have done well to discovered it. we are OK. so far.

This is all way off topic in my thread. isnt there a tread for all this somewhere?