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Author Topic: My Journey towards Solving Meyer’s technology and why others have not  (Read 4554 times)


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 My Journey towards Solving Meyer’s technology and why others have not
Hello Everyone,
In this journey to understand how Meyer’s technology actually works I’ll compare it to trying to find a hidden room in a house in lost city. All of us in general started off at the same point of origin and we were setting out to find this lost city on earth. Now the earth is a big place to me looking for just one room in a city we have no idea of its whereabouts. Most people I see just took off out of the place of origin not knowing where they were going or just what area of the world this city could be found in. Leaving the gates like this would then mean if they found the city where the house was located at they’d have no idea it was there and more than likely would end up leaving the city they were actually looking for. They’d leave the city as they didn’t do any kind of research on what the city would be like, what part of the world could it more than likely be found in, or any markers to look for to identify the city if they found it. These people would have about as close to zero as one can get of actually finding the city.
Then there are the people whom set out doing a very small amount of research so that they could tell whether the lost city was in the southern hemisphere and not the norther one. But that still leaves a lot of area to cover and they still don’t have any clue of what the city looks like if they actually found it so they too would more than likely leave the city if they found it as they would have no idea that this was the city they were looking for. You see these people have no idea of what continent the city would even be in let alone what area of the continent the city could be found in. Thus, they would be traveling to one continent after another going through all of the various countries, states, regens, and local areas within multiple countries. This again is far too much area to cover and not having a clue of any markers that are in the city how would one know if they were actually in the city they were looking for or not? Now they would have a higher chance of finding the city than the first group but not much of one.
Those two groups make up the vast majority of people that set out looking for this one hidden room that had just how this technology works in it. They didn’t take the time to ask any questions on what the city would look like by having some identifying markers in it, where on the planet it could be found, or even what country the city could be found in. I have seen these people come to the city and leave many times over as they had no idea that they had reach part of their destination and now would need to search what area of the city they needed to look in.
They you have a very few people that stayed in the starting place doing research on what the city looked like, what area of the earth and country that it could be found in, and what markers the city that we were looking for would have in it. People like me that stayed in the place of origin doing research knew just one country on the earth were the city could be found in and even knew the markers to look for to let us know we were in the right city and now needed to start searching for townships that the house could be located in. That is when we left the place of origin with enough information to know just where to go and what it would look like before we got there. We would see the other groups come and go while teasing and laughing at us because we were in the minority as everyone else was in their groups. But we’d ignore them as we knew this is the township we could find this house in and just went about searching for this house one street at a time.
Upon finding this house we had no idea which room it could be found in but we had an understanding that this house has the right markers in it and thus was a good house to start searching for this lost room that might be hidden very well from sight. But one thing we didn’t do was leave the city like the vast majority of people were doing as we did our research and knew this was the city that had the house we had to find the hidden room in.
This analogy tells the story of just what it took to actually figure out how Meyer went about breaking the bonds of the water molecules in a manner that was outside of Dr. Faraday’s electrolysis method. It shows quite clearly that many that set out on this journey didn’t given themselves a chance at figuring this technology out as they just left the gates having no idea just what it was they were looking for. The scientific method that I tried to get people to follow allows one to narrow down the possibilities plus know if they were heading in the right direction or not. Sure, it’s a slow process but it sure beats wondering the globe aimlessly looking for a hidden room.
When Meyer stated that one must ask the right questions this is what one must do exactly. For asking the wrong questions or no questions at all is totally hopeless in this search for the truth of how this technology actually works. But I did leave out another group that has a lot of members in it also. This group is running around looking for something magical to happen and constructing dream realities to fit their narratives.  This group lies to themselves and others about their experimental results, believes that science can’t solve this technology, and that if they just keep at it the pearl of wisdom will just fall into their laps one day. They are the most dangerous groups as once one starts to believe in magic then all of reality is tossed out the window as they construct dream worlds to fit the lies that they tell themselves and others. Anyone that challenges their fake dream worlds is deemed the enemy and treated as such. This explains why I have been banned from so many online forums as they will not tolerate the truth for it goes against the dream worlds they have constructed for themselves and their members. Never forget, a lot of money is tied up in these dream worlds and those whom created these dream worlds do not want the flow of money they are getting from the dream worlds they have created to stop. This can be extended to include entire countries as well for they have constructed dream realities for the populations to live in and will go to war to preserve them.


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Re: My Journey towards Solving Meyer’s technology and why others have not
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"My Journey towards Solving Meyer’s technology and
why others have not"

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