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Author Topic: i have found a way  (Read 2052 times)

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i have found a way
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:20:45 PM »
greetings everyone. first time here, didn't know such forums exists xD i thought i was all alone on this quest for free energy! dont know where to post this, there was so many categories lol

anywhoo, i believe i have found a way to achieve over unity... its quite simple really. after countless hours of watching videos and going back and forth on textbook physics (especially bout electricity), a mechanism can be abused to achieve to bring about much more output at a stale level BUT it can definitely be expanded INFINITELY! (until you run out of materials) it was only a week ago until it daunted on me while watching a experimentation video... so yes, this isn't something new, its already been done AND no magic trick, all already discovered by today's science... its just people don't know how to connect the dots that i had at that moment... with a little more research, i'm not the only one that came to the same conclusion within the 'free energy' sphere, others obviously have before me but it still got me laughing realizing that it was there all along, they were SO close, just didn't know enough like i have to connect. these. dots...

now i'm wondering, where do i go from here? i haven't build it yet, planning on finishing a book to see if i can improve the idea even further then set up my plans for the materials and build it from there, but i am confident it will work according to everything that i have seen and gathered in my research, it HAS to work... kind of feel like tesla right now, making machines in my head and no need for prototypes xD

its also cost effective, its definitely not even close to $75 (i think not even $50) in equipment and can be expanded infinitely.... HECK i think it can even be done by scavenging around the woods and shaping come branches and finding yourself a water source and this all will still work, the principles are still in played completely fine.

so it matches
1. cost effective for ANYBODY
2. outputs more than inputted
3. VERY small device, can potentially fit on to an ipad size

a few things to give you guys.

1.higher voltage doesn't mean you have more output than your input, its just the conversion process, your amps is significantly lowered of course.
2.resonance is DEFINITELY key, it also bypasses resistance in a type of circuit
3.and there is much more that meets the eye of a machine... i'll leave that riddle there.
4.laws of thermodynamics has been CERTAINLY violated... so it isn't the machine, its the law that is wrong thus modern physics needs to be changed if this is released.