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Author Topic: Overunity is it possible?  (Read 24921 times)

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #60 on: October 14, 2017, 02:24:12 PM »
You may have had a few laughs at me but just brain storming.

Regarding the cold electricity/power/vacuum the more i am able to see how these over unity devices work using my own brain storming methods.

Need to know all the in's and outs as to how you can get a fluctuating vacuum, that will be a big step venture into the world of free energy.

Or a build up of vacuum energy so it then starts to fluctuate?

You can indeed inject power from vaccum into a hot circuit using a special spark plug or spark gap.

I now view this vacuum energy as the driving force.

This is quantum energy so it is different because quantum physics say so with overwhelming evidence compared to standard laws i.e. you must not treat this alien force as being the same as standard electric, it not adhere with current laws you accuse me with.

This alien force/zpe/vaccum has it's own set of laws because the nature behavior of this alien force/zpe/vaccum is exactly that that isn't the same as with the conventional law you accuse me with.

It would be clear with zpe/vaccum is alot different when compared to standard conventional laws.

For zpe/vaccum conventional laws do not apply here, it has its own set of laws that isn't exactly the rule book to follow. If you treat zpe as conventional you will fail miserably.

If zpe/vaccum fluctuates then what is that called in conventional laws please because it will fluctuate the electro magnetic field giving you the impossible because the laws are different as have said!!!??? - the reason why i said this is because it is known everywhere on earth regarding the laws which say you cannot have a fluctuation from the vacuum.

I can see it would have a replenishing effect also a double mirror effect which enables the replenishing effect and the circuit gets colder as well as having the opposite effect on battery's regarding wear and tear it is opposite so the battery never wears out and so the circuit doesn't cut this force off.what I am on about is the paragraph above this paragraph about testing the fluctuating force from the alien vacuum energy, yep done in a conventional law circuit this also saying they don't teach this in school and the energy goes to infinity so it definitely is zpe/vacuum energy, i would use an open circuit and use the earth because it needs a unbalanced electron spin for it to work or other ideas surrounding this.

Since i said about the fluctuating force from the vacuum effecting conventional electric physics they added a paragraph explaining this effect and yes has no limit as it goes to infinity

I can see a motor making use of the fluctuation effect/replenishing powering up with real power/torque from the vacuum.

The circuit was up against the power from the vacuum, so the fluctuating effect was present in the circuit and it really could not operate but was running because energy was being cut off and it was causing stress in the circuit so had to be off loaded and understood there was a double mirror effect of the mirror effect one side depletes(hot circuit current like with mostly every circuit on the planet) and the other replenishes ( cools and is totally opposite to the hot current) and was detected in the circuit and understood why it was under stress.

The instrument that you use to measure volts and amps with the circuit in replenishing mode was entirely negative/negative voltage causing the circuit to get colder and colder not hot.

I wonder if you can get the fluctuations to self power it self actually yes fully is possible that will be your unbalanced spin drive in stead off the unbalanced spin in the earth where the fluctuations give you a unbalanced spin so use the fluctuations spin and vollia.

If you wanna try you have to have something that achieves speed of light to fluctuate the vacuum doing the earth circuit and it will run just look at my previous post, what you end up with it is a rpm at a constant pace with true vacuum power running it whilst it is in harmony with the earth and there you go and you can get power from it as well.

I think someone tested this and it violently shook with real momentum.

Now i can see it is now self-sustaining perpetually running with power.

I can see a machine running as well off vaccum energy using this method which is my  point of view > If zpe/vaccum fluctuates then what is that called in conventional laws please because it will fluctuate the electro magnetic field giving you the impossible because the laws are different as have said!!!???[/size] [/size]

So how does it work well flucations from the vaccum and the unbalanced spins of zero point, which causes magnetism and the like to have unbalanced electron spins one bigger than other like scaler waves that is how it all works.

It makes sense the spins of zero point pop out of nowhere just like atoms that show up and then dissapear it is exactly like that.

With the fluctuation atoms from another realm comes and pops into our realm

with a vibrating zero point fluctuation or fluctuating rapidly the atomic structure now has subatomic particles to achieve this, the sub atomic partical is where the power is so the sub atomic partical enters into our realm.

so the more you vibrate it the more energy you get as in capturing particals it captures the partical by it self and when u vibrate it creates power, so it is like a invisible device where you shake to get power and with a self powering vibration so you dont have to like the zpe flucation

so with vacuum fluctuation the process is this it sucks in subatomic particles into our realm and gives us power simply put and the  physics of this is a unbalanced spin one bigger then the other that is where the magic is.

laws of the realm eh well when the particle isnt in our realm it gives nothing exactly that but when it is , it gives power it automatically comes to the realm where the source of attraction is, it is like a natural harvesting bucket.

So with the quantum fluctuation, the nature of this energy is one tiny spin and one big spin which says alot so it is already self-powered and if you did this with gravity then it will tapp into vacuum energy, i wonder what the quantum/zpe/vaccum fluctuation/vibration is like with the gravity wheel.

So it starts off as self powered and the pendulum of gravity will mimic the zpe energy fluctuation translate that into a gravity wheel and you have a perpetual vaccum energy gravity wheel with one big spin and one little spin and these spins will come into our realm so you have them or with magnets.

i can see the quantum scalar effect self running  in unbalanced vaccum spin method and have a real power torque to it so it self run and being able to power a load.

at an angle so you be able to control the speed of the device running of vaccum unbalanced spins borrowed from some other realm.
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Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #61 on: October 14, 2017, 07:55:24 PM »
Every time you wack the vaccum field you automatically get energy from the vacuum.

Regarding vacuum fluctuation so a spark plug can do this or in gravity with a wack or any other Wacking method.

These parts have to been designed to tap the fluctuate field so you can vibrate it to give you power simply put.

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #62 on: October 14, 2017, 08:37:23 PM »
Taking advantage of Zpe spins, it has to be self vibrated regards the Zpe fluctuate field so these spins take affect in our realm and thus through electro magnetism you have unbalanced electron spins to use. Zpe spins are unbalanced and is perpetual.

I cannot find a picture showing you the zpe spins.

The ancients knew of this. They said Godhead periodically created new Universes by breathing out, and de-creating other Universes by breathing in. These epochs were called Yugas. Modern science called this the Big Bang [/size](theory)[/size]. I was in absolute, pure consciousness. I could see or perceive all the Big Bangs or Yugas creating and de-creating themselves. Instantly I entered into them all simultaneously. I saw that each and every little piece of creation has the power to create. It is very difficult to try to explain this. I am still speechless about this.[/size]It took me years after I returned to assimilate any words at all for the Void experience. I can tell you this now; the Void is less than nothing, yet more than everything that is! The Void is Absolute Consciousness; much more than even Universal Intelligence.

From [/size]

I can tell you this now; the Void is less than nothing, yet more than everything that is! - this is the energy from vaccum/zpe spin it is unbalanced by nature.

I saw that each and every little piece of creation has the power to create. It is very difficult to try to explain this. I am still speechless about this.[/size]

Those unbalanced spins justify power to create and destory, if this wasn't the case then where did the universe come from if cannot create nor destory eh?

You wouldn't be able to have a universe if that was the case don't you think that is obvious enough? - the answer is this > I saw that each and every little piece of creation has the power to create. It is very difficult to try to explain this. I am still speechless about this.

If energy from the vacuum was balanced then what causes it to shoot of to infinity and cannot measure it.

If it shoots off to infinity then it has the power to create energy done by the potential energy of going off to infinity.

Some thing about motive force I think if it wasn't the case as in having real power to self run perpetual motion then it would be impossible to go off to infinity if you think about it.

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #63 on: October 15, 2017, 10:09:47 AM »
So where do all these motive forces spawn from the forces are imbalance and the motive forces.are different like zero point where its motive force goes off to infinity.

I'd tap the motive potential of zero point and have it in electric field so an electronic circuit goes off to infinity.

As in acceleration getting harder and harder So by it self it will get faster and faster while self running this is same principle where it goes off to infinity.

The way it goes off to infinity already breaks the laws of physics because it self runs with created power.
If you study why all the process of why it shoot off to infinity then you get the unbalanced spin you will have a true self runner giving power I am confident about that.

There is indeed suppressed science papers that support me.

I can see people have succeeded with this, it really is a different energy regarding zero point they now have devices breaking laws of physics.

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #64 on: October 15, 2017, 11:38:41 AM »
Actually yes you can indeed get a heat pump to be like a self runner but isn't because it cuts off the source. I can see the circuit and would work in that fashion because externally it extracts power and overcome the limitation and use this limitation to extract more heat using the heat from the external factor.

I can see it definitely would work exactly like a self attracting solar panel effect where it encourages the external energy extraction to overcome this because my previous idea didn't work regarding earth circuit and a self running heat pump so I have the right concessions.

In principle in science you can externally extract energy to overcome limitation to extract power and then close the loop so a self running solar panel and isn't perpetual motion.

This is also called em drive where you run off extracted energy to power the extraction process with power to spare and power a load.

You will be limited as to how much you can extract but there will be no limit as to how much you extract thereticly speaking.

I am now in the realm of understanding.

If you do this with the earth it will now work and same with heat pump after all my post, this post have nailed it so it does work this time around.

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #65 on: October 15, 2017, 01:26:45 PM »
I think some one wants me out of the physics room.

Anyways I see a circuit to tap the earth's electric static power using my own earth circuit ideas.

It now runs with constant rpm power torque thanks to the unbalanced electron spin of the earth, so tapping the unbalanced spin and there you go.

The particle accelerator antenna does its magic to capture ever more energy.

It has to run externally to work like the heat pumps method of externally capturing energy.

You say you don't get much power well there is a solution the partical accelerator antenna.

If you apply this to physics it fully works in an external manner I mean the heat pump has this one solved.

If you did this with gravity it will fully work as well since energy physics apply to all of the different energy's.

I was thinking out side of the bubble.

If you say this does not work well just use the earth's unbalanced electron spin to do work so that it fully works.

So yea just use the earth's unbalanced force it is ready to go.

This can be worked out easy it is using classic em laws and laws of physics so you definitely will get alot of power using a particle accelerator antenna.

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #66 on: October 15, 2017, 04:15:55 PM »
You seem to think this is perpetual motion?

Don't believe in a device that is apparantly self running perpetually?

Believe [size=78%] me with classic em and laws of physics it would make complete sense and agree that it most certainly does work like this and the critical bit is the extraction process and the heat pump has solved it which gives you a cop of 3 externally so it does extract while bypassing lenz law and the like.[/size] whilst being proven technology i rest my case.

If you did the extraction process with a gravity motor the vibrations suck in energy via extraction and it will be a magic perptual gravity wheel when it is not it is using the external extraction process proven in a heat pump and it is clear if you fed this cop 3 energy to feed it self it will get hotter and hotter to no end therectly with no limit, and the potential of this energy if you know it in your own way certainly will give you a cop above 1 and self run magicly via extraction and have power left over for a load.

However the heat pump the way i envisioned it doesn't work like that so with the earth yes you can which is why i cannot stress enough about the unbalanced electron spins of the earth and you already think this is perpetual well no and in anycase it does communicate with the vacuum and draws energy from the vacuum with this process as well which i know.

But with the heat pump externally extracting energy and externally feeding it energy then there you have a self runner via extraction of energy and will work with classic em and laws of physics same with the earth.

If you cannot get a heat pump to self run then 100% i am confident that you use the earths already done spins if you don't know how to get it in an electric circuit and in any case we all know the earth has power and not some balanced lenz law canceling effect if it was like this the earth wouldn't function what so ever i might add because you think it has a balanced flux field, and a balanced flux field doesnt give you torque or power.

So where does the magic perpetual magic happen well the earths unbalanced momentum spins is where it is at where it will accelerate until it is at a constant rpm with power torque and there you go, and for some reason you seem to think they never taught you about this momentum actually it does have it covered and will work.

The momentum of the force of where it gets hotter to no end is where extracted excess of energy is for a load.

It seems you want to believe the very thing behind all of it which caused the universe to exist was done via conversion a solely conversion that is so it is pixie dust.

Since you cannot create nor destory, we no longer exist maybe some wasteful force caused the universe to exist you know a big bang bang.

Absolutely NOTHING goes faster than the speed of light so infinity = light speed, infinity never goes faster than the speed of light.

If you ever master what created the universe, you sir have found the holy grail of free energy and in any case it is obvious that infinity is instantaneous speed, if i were to try an get a basic understanding of how to measure infinity, i would look at the quantum spin that is of this going off to infinity to being with and work out an equation like measuring flux density and the like but with the quantum spin and work it out from there.

I would love to know if science knows what zero point looks like in a picture.

Yep this off to infinity is apart of the process to create energy, i already know zero point it behind all of it.

This off to infinity prove that there is indeed energy in the vacuum and this energy is the creation of power but modern science disprove of this, this energy is what causes it to go off to infinity.
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Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #67 on: October 15, 2017, 10:10:12 PM »
Lets devise a circuit using off to infinity then it will perpetually self run.

I wanted what the electric spins of momentum look like when it goes off to infinity

Tom beradon has mentally communicated to me and thyis is his website and he has been threatened over what he knows he is the real deal. regarding energy existing in the vaccum any case that energy in vaccum are those sub atomic particles and the like in co junction with other atoms

whent those atom do there magic that is a process of creating energy!

If you think u can get power from vaccum then i am sad to say modern science treats it that u cannot extract energy from vaccum because they believe energy cannot be created.

When these sub atomic do there magic for power it is actually creating energy

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #68 on: October 16, 2017, 04:47:45 AM »
Somebody did just that he created matter whilst knowing what 'creates power' and is very hard to explain why this happens.

Anyways regarding em force and laws of current physics, you need to be at a fast threshold for it to work, regarding the earth circuit where you power it with extracted energy leaving you with excess power and same with a gravity device using this method.

As for the earth energy extraction circuit both opposing sides must be cancelled out to externally extract energy just like the heat pump and to have it run like a self powered solar panel so it has excess energy to power a load, it is clear your going to have to hit a threshold for this to work and will work.

The momentum of the force which none of you for some reason don't buy will cause it to self run with torque excess to power it self as well as a load at same time, this is fully possible even with your knowledge of electric circuits, and the momentum comes from the earth because there is a momentum present in the earth for you to use.

I don't know how many times i have repeated my self.

Even with the bashing you may as well bash the heat pump.

The extracted energy has to cross over in the circuit.

With conventional circuit design you can indeed achieve a self running earth circuit with power to spare.

I can see accelerating ions which is where it will self run with excess power regarding earth circuit, so it powers the extraction process with power to spare with arrows so that ultimately is proven, the dream is trying to achieve this effect and fails so the device doesn't work but the earth is ready to go with a never ending no limit as to how much you can extract, like the heat pump but this is a different configuration but yea where it gets hotter and hotter to no end there is a bit where it causes this force to give excess power.

This bit in the force where it gives excess energy is the threshold.

There are arrows clearly explaining this effect i am on about and should be clear that it defiantly will give you a self powered device with excess energy as in energy extraction powering the process to extract energy and then with excess power for a load that is what the arrows of momentum means.

It will  self run at a constant rpm with power/torque as have said tons of times.

And isn't breaking the laws what so ever.

The arrows follow the unbalanced electromagnetic spin where it does work/power/torque/unbalanced momentum as have said and shown in a picture with arrows i drew.

This excess energy is what I call power torque you know to power a load as well as the extraction process so it is self sustaining.

So excess energy is the accelerator arrows.

an arrow went off to full acceleration and another arrow showing excess energy all in the same line like a sentence. because it is past the threhold to get excess energy.

This as have said isn't perpetual motion it is a self powered solar panel i cannot stress this enough!

It coerolates with 92% effiency in a motor but this is going at 100 percent and can see that because past 92% per cent so it is now 100 per cent is the excess energy threshold.

what i am trying to say is the law about 92 per cent in a motor this force can bypass that and give you 100 per cent efficiency this above 92 per cent is excess energy territory

so when you are at the threshold it will be like a plane breaking the sound barrier and dunno how to solve that but with the understanding i can see there already widely known how to solve it.

Heart of this is using the acceleration arrows with a particle accelerator antenna.

so same apply with the earth circuit breaking the threshold of 92% law translated below 92 you do not get excess energy but above it you will get excess energy. all to do with the speeds, same with a apparantly self powering gravity motor it needs fast speed to operate and will look like perpetual motion but isnt.

But in this i already know there is a perpetual force which is causing outrage with this device and is where the earth has it s own cold electric as have said again if you remember my previous post and is why you didnt buy this at first.

With the perpetual force you will be able to control the extraction speed/motor rpm instead of going off to no end of speed and burn out. It looks like an unbalanced scalar wave regarding the perpetual force.

Regarding that the earth will automatically give you constant rpm but to manipulate the force of this is the perpetual motion force present in this earth circuit so yea this is causing outrage.

it will self accelerate with the particle accelerator antenna so it speeds up using extracted energy from the atmosphere/ions so it goes faster to power the antenna it self so it amplifiys in that regard so it sucks ever more ions in  from not having excess energy to actually having excess energy - the threshold.

The very thing that propels this into speed going faster and faster is the accelerator it self it doesn't need to be in to accelerate as in no excess energy or excess energy what i mean is the accelerator the process it isnt affected what so ever by the extraction process that is it will just keep on giving an accelerator effect which is what it is.

the accelerator it tied in with a perpetual force as have said and communicates with the vaccum/zpe  from the vacuum/zpe this way and is powered by the vaccum/zpe sustained by the vaccum/zpe
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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #69 on: October 16, 2017, 03:06:06 PM »
Using a normal antenna doesn't cut the mustard which is why they don't use the earth's power.

A particle accelerator antenna does and is self propergated with the accelerator so it will get bigger and bigger until you pass the threshold and into excess energy, unless you want to tap the accelerator atom it self which is present around the earth which is a different technique as compared with my method of using particle accelerator antenna.

If there is a problem i would look at the principles of the heat pump to fully achieve my goal of extracting power from earth.

Theoretically yes in physic this force give you excess power, only way is how hah.

Like friction is there is friction it will still work because of a process overcoming that problem same with my earth circuit idea ways of overcoming the problems which solutions do exist.

overcoming the bottleneck of the threshold well if the force can do it fine without problems then a circuit will as well.

Either way it will be a lot of static electric because the wave of the antenna will get longer and  longer to no end and reach the ionosphere of the earth where there is a ton of power which is what i achieve with the particle accelerator antenna.

Good news there are people who know how to over come the bottleneck :P .

The thing responseible which is the accelerator looks like a swirl a highly charged particle.

This swirl gets the impossible effect from the vaccum Zpe and is getting it from the vaƧcum when the swirl turns it gets that effect.

When it turns it vibrates the vaccum zpe and this is the core power of it, it is like slamming the vacuum Zpe and yea where the magic happens.
The conjunction of the atom with Zpe is that there is an unbalanced momutum occuring and is excited and is exactly like sub atomic but different energy it resonates with tat energy. Unbalanced in size is what mean like a small vortex and a much bigger one and at an angle of momentum.

Within this s vibration is the key between accelerator and Zpe vaccum energy.

Because you can use the vibration for many things.

The vibration is ocilator between Zpe and the accelerator and how it interacts with each other and I call this the control panel to control the rpm speed and if not use the earth's own rpm regarding my earth circuit where the excess energy is.

I can see a rod taking advantage of the accelerator using physics by capturing the atom and have it run off extracted energy along with propulsion  and taken care of the bottleneck of the threshold.

some silicate compound about the rod captureing this energy.

And some vacuum tube valve as well to attract static/ions and is glowing red hot but fail to see how it would accelerate the process like with my particle accelerator antenna now i see it is using the vacuums way or self attracted ever more energy whereas my idea doesn't have that process and needs an antenna.

Forgive me am brain dead but have a correct consensus.
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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #70 on: October 16, 2017, 07:51:36 PM »
Take all my posts with a pinch of salt anyways have a good day.

The translucent nature of zpe is where it gets it's motion from.
the translucent waves hitting a stick will give movement.
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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #71 on: October 17, 2017, 10:11:27 AM »
Take all my posts with a pinch of salt anyways have a good day.

The translucent nature of zpe is where it gets it's motion from.
the translucent waves hitting a stick will give movement.
Turn into motive force like a em drive because you convert the zpe energy into movement

Because of some evil person is blocking know how as to how to tap zpe.

zpe energy is a perpetual force all by it self what do you think?

The translucent nature of zpe is where it gets it's motion from.[/size]the translucent waves hitting a stick will give movement.Turn into motive force like a em drive because you convert the zpe energy into movement

Converting zpe into motion would be a big start and can be done, if done it will prove it is a perpetual force.

Or convert the translucent effect into motion and then you will have a better understanding as to why this is perpetual.

The perpetual effect is clear with the way the force looks, it is unblanaced and this is where motion comes from to no end.

The stick can convert this into motion and is the barrier of the translucent effect so get an angle of momentum between the unbalanced poles like north and south and there you go.

you can contain this force, so it doesn't go off to infinity.

so it spins off to infinity.

Since zpe exist between atoms(this is what i call a stick) you can convert it into our electric magnetic spectrum.

In actual fact this zpe force has broken all the laws bottlenecks etc don't apply here due to the nature of this force - that is what was found when it was converted into our electric spectrum.

When zpe force collided with the electron magnet spectrum it was concluded that it has an effect where it breaks the law.

Because the force existing in electric is different with its sigh this is hard to explain.

Use the translucent force of zpe and have it convert it into motion (where it hits the stick) with the em drive, this is how the impossible em drive works folks.

It has the same principle (em drive) as with my idea about the earth circuit and converting zpe waves into motion

I can see a working turbine using the zpe effect of my earth circuit just had to work out the itneraction of zpe energy thats all,and some thunder when using em drive.

using em drive it has to create a quantum wave of motion whilst converting zpe energy waves that will break the physics indeed and indeed fully work as well theoretically speaking.

Instead of weeks it now takes days to reach a destination using em drive and using my theoretical brain storming.

There is a build up of momentum in my earth circuit where excess power is ultimate is proven.

Any how there are critics to my idea, as well as saying you cannot get perpetual motion, some say why they couldn't think as i do, as well as love, but plenty of laughs.

Anyways if i wanted free power i would revert to my earth circuit and have the earth resonance to accelerate via partical accelerator antenna.

There is only 1 thing standing in the way to make this a reality the threshold because it draws in negative energy regarding the excess power and the circuit has to have something where it transitions from positive to negative energy and this negative energy is the colder effect as opposed to the heat we already get in a circuit.

If and when i found out how to overcome i will then in detail explain how you can also get the same effect and then live off grid.

Any ways have a good day. :-).
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Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Reply #72 on: October 17, 2017, 05:53:37 PM »
Since the earth has its own particle accelerator i was wondering how to make use of the earths particle accelerator potential like in an ion to suck ever more energy from the earth or am i not correct or is this even possible to increase amplitude?

Why didn't any one else thought about the particle accelerator antenna that am on about to make this possible?

There is no such thing as a particle accelerator antenna even though it would be a valid technology?

What other method do they have to increase amplitude to suck in more ions like with my idea of the particle accelerator antenna, i mean using the ions already to capture more ions so a self powered ion method, where yo use the captured ions from earth to cause an effect to suck attract even more ions like a wave with an increasing longer wave length as it does that.

Well you can indeed but it is no match with my particle accelerator antenna and it won't achieve my excess power dream as well but you still would suck more ions out of the sky at the very least so you need a long wire of antenna to get the desired amount of power.

There must be a method as to manipulate the earths own particle accelerator built in with the earths circuity.

It is already clear the amplitude of my particle accelerator antenna increases the wave length to tap into ions.

I need my particle accelerator otherwise you get puny energy from the earth, and i don't want to use a ballon hah.

I don't like inferior methods and refuse to think with such components so i leave you to use the inferior components.

I do still think it is possible to use the earths own particle accelerator to speed up the pump effect so to speak .

I think people are reliefed that i couldn't destroy the earth with such a device (partical accelerator antenna) maybe a self oscillating method to tap the earths own method of acceleration(earths own particle accelerator) which is entirely different method.

Now to go about with how to use the earths own particle accelerator.

I think i need to input energy to achieve the effect to use the earths own particle accelerator.

Yes has been worked out i have to use inputed energy to cause the effect, how about already captured ions?

Like an ion powered input device which is different to normal electric powered input to cause the earths particle accelerator to wake up(be used).

I think i need to tune into the earths rf to cause the earths own particle accelerator in conjunction with other things.

Like dialing home to the specific wave length so it self resonates.

It will be in harmony with the earths own particle accelerator and no bottlenecks either, like using the control panel like with zpe/vaccum but for the  earths own particle accelerator.

I think people think i am wacko because of concerns like this >

So a natural ion pump particle accelerator powered by the earth done by the earth i can see the advantage and it beats the conventional method of tapping power from earth like weather balloons with a wire to tap the earths power)

It would pick up speed as it uses the earths own particle accelerator.

In the earth process is the key to tap and use the earths own particle accelerator and isn't impossible and can be fully be used to this effect/end.

With a normal static antenna it isn't charged by the particle accelerator effect unless other wise you would get an ever increasing amount of ions which doesn't seem to have been achieved yet other wise all of us would be using the earths power instead  of power stations.

Any one with a brain unlike me will succeed with all my ideas and i can see that easily.

I need to tune it into the process matching ions frequency with the earths particle accelerator frequency.

At the very best it would be an energy saver for whoever decided to have a crack at this and won't be true over unity, it is like a magnet induction motor giving cop 3 but isn't true over unity with that magnet induction motor regarding a standard antenna cable which isn't accelerated instead look at the heat pump that is a true energy extraction device and you can indeed get it to be self-extracting with power using the external method of overcoming lenz law because the heat pump already has defeated lenz law. it will be self perpetuate because it is breaking lenz law like the perpetual force lenz laws defeated this will work this is what i said about it being external like ways to work around lenz law as you can see it will work as a self powered external solar power plant and will have no end in sight theoretically where it gets hotter and hotter and limated by the extraction process as to how much power you get out via extraction if you use heat pump method of fully defeating lenz law it will suck in ever more energy (actually getting its energy from zpe/vaccum) otherwise you will hit a brick wall like i said about my earth circuit not working and the bubble of understanding either way you can tap the energy to extract it with lenz law out of the way with the switching effect

externally means getting energy put into your circuit other wise lenz law will not allow you to inject energy into your system.

The switching effect causes energy to come from the zpe/vaccum i know that.

You need an open circuit just like the heat pump and this momentum comes from the earth's forces where the driving force is of acceleration as i put it regarding my earth circuit and all of that.

That acceleration effect is present in the heat pump already the energy it extracts from the environment is linked with the earth it self and her(mother earth) forces.

This method of bypassing the law is like the same with zpe/vaccum energy it is a unlocking effect.
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Re: Overunity is it possible?
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They found an opposite polarity force which is where you get energy from the vaccum from, and the polarity force didn't dissapation when you have the perpetual effect of Zpe vaccum energy done via the vaccum energy replenish effect
Of cold electric getting colder not hot which is the difference in dissapation where it should lose its perpetual charge but doesn't regarding the self perpetuate heat pump.

And the dissipation effect is opposite because we get excess energy like with my earth circuit or a self perpetuate heat pump which fully defeats lens law.

And saying the acceleration effect shouldn't work but it does.

No need to worry about dissipation because the vaccum it self perpetually self sustains that so it works and does work and is the drive of where we get excess energy to power it self as well as a load same with my earth circuit and the self perpetuate heat pump.

Regarding excess energy i can see positive energy being added to the circuit which in effect is tapping the vaccum/zpe and vaccum/zpe energy is being drawn here and have said what created the universe is in this process it has the power to create this is the unbalanced nature of all of it.

If you can clearly see the potential of my ideas then yes it will work in that fashion.

Also it is a big ouch for nay Sayers of perpetual motion because of the self-perpetuate effect of the heat pump which has defeated lenz law fully, where you use the extracted heat from environment(which gives a cop over 1) to feed it at the source so there is a never ending heat coming in see what i mean so where is the potential coming from of push and pull as it accelerates to the threshold regarding this potential it will cross over the barrier(extraction speed) of 92% efficiency since the heat pump defeated lenz law you can now pass over 92 per cent and this translucent force is now used can you see this, there you go that perpetual force is now used it is a polar opposite switch is what it is regarding  the barrier/threshold.

This is why they say the acceleration effect is impossible but isn't because there is a translucent force present in that accelerator effect which is of the exact nature of zpe/vaccum it self.

Polar opposite is what zpe vaccum is when it passes the threshold of acceleration it will exceed in power.
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Re: Overunity is it possible?
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The impossible has now been achieved with heat pump methods.

A switch went down and is now getting energy from the perpetual vaccum/zpe from the polar opposite polarity.

Even though it is normal switch the effect will be there.