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Author Topic: Perspectives of Reality  (Read 3152 times)

Offline From other Planet

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Perspectives of Reality
« on: September 23, 2017, 12:00:08 AM »
 Hello There Everyone,
 I wanted to share some questions, ideas and perspectives…
 Some time ago, I heard a story about 3 Aliens, who watch a movie together. The first alien laughs sometimes while they watch. She totally enjoys it. Anna is a 3 year old girl from mars. The second alien laughs all the time, because the idea itself, to watch a movie, seems totally absurd to him. His home planet seems to be far from Anna’s. The third alien doesn’t even know what a movie is, or could ever comprehend it from its perspective of reality and thinking. But it too somehow has fun. Maybe none of the 3 can even see or hear the other 2. But maybe they found a way to somehow communicate, and sometimes meet and do weird stuff together, because they know it’s often fun or interesting for them…
 Maybe “Our Natural Laws”, from another perspective, like that of an electron, or a cow or a stone, don’t make any sense at all, and maybe cannot describe their perspective of reality. Or maybe, “there”, some actually work better than “here”. Maybe the electron, the cow and the stone decide, think, wish in their own way, and possibly alter reality their way. Maybe they are happy…
 Maybe, one day accidentally you will build a machine, that can alter reality to a certain  degree. Maybe a special tesla coil. Maybe you yourself become the machine. Suddenly you could alter things with your mind, see and hear things from the future, and physically move things just by firmly believe you could. It would be totally awesome. Maybe also pretty scary. But maybe the best thing you ever experienced in your whole life. Maybe you lose the ability to logically think for a long time, maybe you can’t even figure out, the weird things happening might be related to the machine. Maybe you won’t kill yourself with it, permanently lose your mind, or start to exist as something totally different. Maybe you are not acting very responsible using your new power. Hopefully you won’t harm other animals of reality.  But maybe you get a payback from some, making your personal reality very unpleasant. Maybe your machine gets destroyed by someone or something, and maybe you can’t repair it. Maybe some very weird anomalies at places u have been, and in some of your electronic devices, remain. Maybe sometimes still new ones appear around you. Maybe you start asking yourself, if you ever could build a new machine, how everybody could benefit from it. Maybe that’s impossible. Maybe not. Maybe you should not build such machines…
 As an Atheist, of course i love talking about God. Please don’t be offended, if you don’t like what I say. So maybe, I am God. Maybe I Lie to You. Maybe You are God. Maybe I’m the devil. Or the false prophet. Maybe with some Perspective you get Truth out of a Lie. Maybe God Is Everything, Nothing and its Opposite at the same Time. Maybe, like you, God has the Right of Privacy. Maybe God is Perspective. Maybe God is the Free Will in all Animals of Reality. Maybe God is a Good friend. Maybe God is a Key Everyone and Everything has In Them. Maybe the Key to Understand Reality, Communicate with it, Live in Harmony with Nature, and use Gods Tools. Maybe God is Your True Eye. Maybe God Is Love. Maybe god doesn’t Judge, maybe we understand why…
 Maybe one day you think about the problems of the human world. Maybe you identify the most severe problems. Maybe then you change perspective, and suddenly different things become the problems. Maybe you speak with other children of reality, maybe one tells you to look at those who want all the power, though they are not the problem…Maybe another animal tells you, it feels humans are too strong…Maybe you understand…Maybe both of you benefit from that…Maybe there is a way, to turn some of nature fighting other parts of nature into more Nature existing in Harmony with Nature…
 Maybe someone finds a sense in my nonsense     ;)
 I wish You all the best, Love and happiness…   :) :) :)
 Kind regards,