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Author Topic: Could someone tell me what is happening with my Sec-15 circuit. Video included.  (Read 4985 times)

Offline antimony

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Hi, I was going to check on my Sec-15 circut that i finished yesterday, and when I did this morning I saw this that i documented in this video that i uploaded to youtube.

If anyone could check it out and give me some feedback i would be very happy.

More info is in the description of the video, but what basically happen is that the neon bulb keeps glowing even without the ATX psu connected, or the negative clip.
And even if the whole power strip is flipped off.

Ps. I wanted to add also that i am not suggesting that this is some overunity, or something like that.
I just wanted to ask what it can be, becouse as you may or may not know i am only a newcomer when it comes to this, and i am not sure what i should think about if Overunity is even possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Offline Thaelin

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kinda think that big tophat right behind it may well be influence. That is if it is energized.

Offline antimony

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kinda think that big tophat right behind it may well be influence. That is if it is energized.

•The TC is not finished yet, so it is not energized.
Anyway, i have since this footage was recorded lost this "effect",  but at the time It worked like i hopefully can show clearly in the video.

•I have had some contact with the originator of the circuit, and i have also sent him the video yesterday too, but I havent yet heard back from him.
•He said that maybe it could be some noise on the ground line, but I dont really actually know what that means if i am going to be honest.
I dont want to Come across like that, so I am going to state that right away.

Offline antijon

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Is the originator Dr. Stiffler?  ???

Noise on the ground line is something high frequency (higher than line frequency) causing the circuit to resonate. Was the wife using the microwave at the time? Haha But I'm not familiar with Dr. Stiffler's sec, is that an auto-tuning circuit?