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The Revenge of DC...


The story below is a basic history of AC and DC transmission, and use.

If (early DC proponent) Edison had only succeed in getting the Electric Chair called the "Westinghouse", we might have an easier time finding DC charge points today...

I've been meaning to post the question, how widely available is DC, and do these locations offer practical benefits for BEV charging? Any synergies for DC Charge stations located at DC users, such as those reported below?

...in conventional data centers, with hundreds of computers, electricity might be converted and “stepped down” in Voltage five times before being used. All that heat must be removed by air-conditioners, which consumes more power.

In a data center redesigned to use more direct current, monthly utility bills can be cut by 10 to 20 percent, according to Trent Waterhouse, vice president of marketing for power electronics at General Electric.

“You can cut the number of power conversions in half,” Mr. Waterhouse said.


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