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Author Topic: Andre Fabrice replication  (Read 14594 times)

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Re: Andre Fabrice replication
« Reply #16 on: December 11, 2017, 11:32:50 AM »
Now is there something I do not understand, or is overunity so easy as it seems?

You take a high voltage device that already expresses over unity like this,searchweb201602_3_10152_10065_5000015_10151_10344_10068_10345_10342_10343_51102_10340_10341_5130015_10541_10084_10083_10304_10307_10302_10539_5080015_10312_10059_10313_10314_10534_100031_10604_10603_10103_10605_10594_5060015_10596_10142_10107,searchweb201603_14,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=f17a414b-2af9-4886-86e5-da45048808fc-1&algo_pvid=f17a414b-2af9-4886-86e5-da45048808fc&rmStoreLevelAB=0

Input power is 6V DC and current 1,5A. Output is 20000V and 0.05A. That is 6W converted to 1kW. Now that does not have to be continuous power. Just put it through a spark gap as a pulse and secondary will see a sine wave. Use air core (like TK) so there are no core saturation problems or heating problems. So now you got 20kV that needs to be transformed.

Transformer secondary does not know if the power on the primary was 1A 1000V or 1000A 1V. It only sees the flux density. So 20kV (or what ever the air cored transformer output was. Could be 100kV if resonance) possibly at a nonconvenient frequency needs to be transformed. You could put that through a transformer, but the freq and high voltage could result in high losses. So you got to DC first with full bridge rectifier and a couple of ripple caps.

Now you got 20-100kV DC. You pulse that through a spark gap to a step-down transformer, but only so that the secondary coil sees low freq like 60Hz. You now have stepped down to 230V 60Hz.

So what you need is just resonance at some point, so you have gain. With high voltage the gain is larger. That will compensate all the losses in occur in the transformers etc. What you also need is a means to separate added load from affecting the resonance.