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Improvement module for the power supplies - need help


In control supply catalog, There is a "cutoff Module" as a change module for the power supply to ensure a secured control supply even still loads for example when the motor starts and the specific enacting of circuit breakers as the once-over says. Notwithstanding, I can't understand what totally constraint modules are? it is secured to express that they are a response for spreading over right now control supply disappointments? In what point of confinement may they be used as a touch of initiating specific electrical switch?

This is the association with the limit module, C150S03 - 3.3V (3.2 ~ 3.3 V - 86W) as the datasheet of C150503 for control supply list.

Would anyone be able to help me? I am extremely puzzled about this inquiry. I am to a fantastic degree overpowered about this request.

Any better idea would be highly appreciated.

Hi Lionelx.
I guess maybe you may have used Google Translate to translate your comment into English?
Unfortunately it is difficult to understand what your specific question is.

Can you ask your question again?
Try to keep your question as simple and directly to the point as you can manage.
You are asking a question about the C150S03 plugin module, correct?
You can also try to write your question in your native language, and I will try to translate it.
I hope you can understand me.  :D

Hello Void,

I'm trying to clear it as soon as I can.



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