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Why never asked by yourself ?


HF as Ultra-/Infra-sonic energy sphere:

why the science academies to the V,A,R are not applying
the quantum-physical eV and eA and eR ?

What happend with the unit T which now is defined as Tesla nut as the T= absolute Temperature ?

Are you believable : academican scientist worlwide ?
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                                    How ?

Herders Volkslexikon A-Z ,Verlag Herder Freiburg
the  1950 copyright edition (in german) gives me all the answers about the "permanent mobile device",to U probably,too !?

It will become your in your life best invested capital,I SWORED,by and with GOD GIS !

google search : energia ilimitada gratis

H(i)F(i) equipment for the eVeAeR thorus re-/actor

ein hoher MASZ-Stab

das MASZ all der Dinge
das MASZ all der Gedanken

Hoffe,es als Ueber-ES
 (SUPERSTITION-Position,Prof.Dr.Heinz Ryborz) Antwort und
Instrument gereicht es,zum Eigen-M zu gelangen.

Vale bene pour-que esta valer um creche divinum.

Artists and Kids United : I feel me for us FREIMAUERT
                        (Ohne DELTA Alert)

I am very happy to have the opportunity to read this useful content.


coil vertical    coil horizontal

permanent magnet a. un-/ b. wrapped by coil or foil a. vertical b. horizontal application

Instead conventional coil "capacitive windings"  and "pulse power"

and from an ex-forum member ,R.I.P.,
compared citating documents : Vandenberg .... diode ....


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