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Diy Vacuum Tube?

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I just wanted to ask if there are someone that have experience with homemade vacuum tubes, i mean, vacuum tubes that you have made yourselves?

I know that it can be done, and all that.
I think it can be a great learning tool for both me, and my family.


There are YouTube videos of people making their own vacuum tubes. It's not easy...


--- Quote from: TinselKoala on August 17, 2017, 12:42:54 AM ---There are YouTube videos of people making their own vacuum tubes. It's not easy...

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I have watched a couple and it doesn't seem very simple, but if they can do it, i can also do it. :)

I dont have a "real" vacuum pump, but I do have a good water aspirator that i use in chemistry experiments sometimes.
I havent measured the vacuum, but I am at least able to boil water at room temp with it.

I dont think that the vacuum i can achieve with my pump is enough, but it would be fun to try.
I just have to find out how you can keep the tube pressurized after you have made the vacuum, in a diy sense/way

No biggie


Just buy one!  You need hard vacuum or you end up with a type of thryatron insted

Seriously if you wish to  use tubes, by all means, use well made units as they will last far longer than anything you can do. Do the research and select the correct tube to fit the task and use current models made. The market for tubes has widened much as certain tasks seem to be far better using tubes.
In the event of an EMP, those tubes will be a god send as they will work. I have a good selection of old to new tubes and will not part with them for anything just for that reason.



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