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100 times overunity on a software program

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now serious guys spread this info asap  8) 


don't use you real name and use a anonimous server with variable ip's

be safe


You are only supposed to post in this section of the forum if you ACTUALLY have a working device and can prove it is OU with at least 1 watt of excess power being produced.  The rules are at the top of the forum page where you started this thread.

i showed you the easy way the simplest way, are you realy that dumb?

i've build my own overunity devices but nobody believed me back in the days,
now i don't know what your doing here i just showed you how to create overunity
if you don't have the capacibility to think that can happen if you tie som of those 100 times more overunity circuits together
then i think you should better leave...

damn wish there where a spam police on this forum >:(

If there were spam police here, YOU would be the first one kicked off this forum.  It clearly says at the top of this section this if for WORKING devices only.  Something on a simulator is not a WORKING device.  You can post all you want in the other sections but this is for WORKING devices not theory or simulations.  Now go ahead and report me for reminding you of the forum rules.


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