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Smart power switches improve efficiency with smaller size


Based on SMART7, Infineon introduces the two high-side power switch families PROFET+2 and High Current PROFET. PROFET+2 is for double-digit reduction in power dissipation and PCB space and was developed for automotive 12 V lighting load applications and capacitive loads. They target halogen bulbs in external lighting control, interior lighting and dimming, as well as LED lighting. The PROFET+2 devices provide diagnostics and protection features and maintain pin-out compatibility with the PROFET+ family. Compared to their PROFET+family, the PROFET+2 devices are up to 40 percent smaller in package size. They improve energy efficiency with 50 percent lower current consumption. The lowest ohmic PROFET+2 device is the 8 mΩ dual-channel switch BTS7008-2EPA with protection functions and diagnosis.-the news from .


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