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Title: Idea for Free Energy Mill Based on the Brown Effect
Post by: Leo Volont on July 21, 2017, 12:20:17 PM
Greetings to Everyone Here at OverUnity

I have been reading many of the Threads concerning Free Energy Production and Anti-gravity and was rather impressed by the Technical Sophistication of many of the Members here.  Indeed, I felt humbled into silence, and didn’t dare comment on anything.

But I was recently reading up and combing and weeding through the YouTube Videos.   What most interested me was the work done by Thomas Townsend Brown.    His Career In brief was that  in 1921 he noticed that if he put a high-voltage Xray tube on the tray of a Balance Scale, with the Positive Electrode pointed up, the Tray would lift, but if he turned the tube over, the tray would go down.    He expanded his research into capacitors.  In 1929 he published an article in a popular magazine, “Science and Invention” entitled “How I Control Gravity” where he proposed that Capacitors charged to very high voltages tend to move in the Positive Direction.   In 1952 he demonstrated his Principle using two large shiny discs that were essentially large capacitors.  He arranged them on a large May Pole like structure where they were suspended by their power lines and probably guide cables, so that the Positive Sides would point in the direction of the circular motion desired.  They worked.  The Discs whipped around and obviously some kind of Field Propulsion was operating.   His work was Classified in the U.S. and apparently he was not eager to take Work in the Department of Defense where basically he would be paid Not To Publish.  So He went to Europe where after some initial successes it seems that the European Nations followed America’s lead on squelching any Open Science.

I’ve seen from Wikipedia that there were critiques on Brown’s Work, claiming that his demonstrations  were instances only of Electrohydrodynamics,  but that in Space, a pure Vacuum,  his system would fall apart.

Okay.  Let’s leave Space out of it for the time being.  But, has anybody here gone over the same Info as I did and did it also occur to any of them that if there was anything to Brown’s Notion, whether it was called Electrogravitics or Electrohydrodynamics , then one could relatively easily work up an Electro Mill, that is a Thing like a Wind Mill or a Water Mill, but this Electro Mill would have Plate Capacitors extended out on Spokes from a Wheel Hub, with the Positive Sides of the Plates Facing the Direction of desired rotation.  As with Brown’s Observation concerning the HV Xray Tubes, it would probably be sufficient if only there was a significant differential  between the positive and the negatives, so that One side of the Wheel would be Pulling Up while the other side would be Pushing Down.   Indeed, if one were to Set Up such a device, one would want to keep the forces low at first, particularly if the Wheel were to be used without any Friction or Work Loading to slow it down, although it would make a Very Impressive Proof Video to see a Wheel, with no moving parts or coils, speed up and fly into pieces for apparently no reason at all. 

Of course, getting the high voltages to the caps would be a trick.  For early prototypes I guess one could simply use power cables and ‘pull the plug’ if they began to get all wrapped up in the turning (and by that time one has already Proved quite a lot).   But the true way to go would be to use a SpringBrush and Rail system to get DC Voltage into the Rotary System.   But I have no idea how a Brush and Rail System would work if we are talking about a Million Volts or So.   One would want to tuck it in out of the way to avoid Shock Hazard, but I suppose it would Arc like crazy if it was placed too close to anything that was even close to GND Potential… or Any other Potential in the neighborhood. 

Of course, if it ever when into production, it would be best to Consolidate everything into the Wheel Itself – that is the Batteries (a bank of rechargeable C-Cells should do it) along with the necessary Oscillator and Tesla Coils, all in One Round Disc Shaped Housing.  All these components would be arranged to Balance inside of the Wheel, which would be enclosed by Shielding Materials that would also provide Structural Support and Solidity.   The Electro Wheel would then be safely Self Contained.   One would only have to Bolt it onto the end of an Electro-Generator and flip on the Switch.  Oh, the Switch could be a Toggle Switch positioned so that Turning It ON would face it Against Centrifugal Force, and the Switch could be designed to be Heavy Enough so that if the Wheel began to Turn significantly Over its Rated Speed, then Centrifugal Force would automatically klunk it off.   I suppose to turn it off in ordinary circumstances,  one could activate the OFF Switch with a long stick with a brush on the end.  Oh, I suppose one could have a Punch Switch at the center of the Hub – if you wanted to turn it off, just smack it with your shoe, or whatever.   But I am sure that some Genius could come up with an even Better Idea.

But, yes, you could have different size and capacity wheels for different applications.

I decided to bring up the Idea here, because, well, I have no Stuff laying around the house for putting together such a project.  But with You People, I am sure many of you already have High Voltage DC Supplies kluged together, or all the necessary things laying around your workshop in boxes that your wives have been nagging you to throw away or practically give away at the Swap Meets and Flea Markets.   

Of course, Thinking About This Idea, Of Course If  It were Really So Easy, then it would have been Done a Zillion times already, which means that either It Doesn’t Work, or that nobody is allowed to say anything because it is all Covered Underneath National Security constraints.  But then I wonder why other Nations don’t Jump on the Opportunity.   After all, I can see Certain Big Nations being able to Bully its own Citizens and Those with whom it has Strong Economic and Military ties, but as Long as that Reach Goes, there are some Countries that would simply be better off using the Free Energy.   What have they to Fear besides being Nuked? 

Oh, but there is one Technical Thing that concerns me.  My impression from what I heard of Brown’s Work was that the Principle was largely Voltage Based – that High Voltage on the Caps did the trick, and Voltage is Cheap.   But if one also needed any significant Current, up at those High Voltages, well, then there was would Heat and all the Damage that heat can do, as well as setting limits on what you could afford to do or possibly do because of the Greater Capacity required of the Equipment you could use.   In regards to this, in reviewing the Wikipedia Article on Electrohydrodynamics I came across this Formula: F= ID/K   where F is Force, I is Current, D is the Distance between electrodes, and K is the Constant if the Ion Mobility in the Dielectric Fluid or material.   There was Current, and voltage was not even mentioned.    If Brown’s Phenomena IS Voltage Driven then we may have a distinction here between His Electrogravitics and the Critic’s Electrohydrodynamics.  Also in regards to the Notion that Electrogravitics, really Electrohydrodynamics , would not work in Space because Space is a perfect vacuum, well, the Idea that Space is a perfect vacuum is now somewhat in dispute, since the ideas of Quantum Physics seem to be returning us to the Ancient way of thinking of Space, as filled with an Ether, or in modern terms, Zero Point Energy.

Thank you all for listening.