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Author Topic: Ukrainian scientist creates battery that can power smartphones for 12 years  (Read 5920 times)

Offline tomd

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My guess is this will never see the light of day.

"Ukrainian scientist Vladislav Kiselev claims that he has developed a type of battery that can power gadgets like smartphones and even cars for up to 12 years, without having to be recharged.

Kiselev, a senior researcher at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry in Kiev, and professor at Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences, unveiled his intriguing battery prototype during the 2016 edition of Sikorsky Challenge, a prestigious international competition for research projects. The matchbox-like device looks fairly unimpressive, but the Ukrainian scientist claims that it has been continuously powering electrical devices for a year and four months without a single recharge, and will continue to do so for the next 11 years."

Offline MagnaProp

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Nice find.
I just found this info that says if you had Tritium Oxide, Tritium could be recovered by reacting the water with a metal. His device looks like it has a credit card size piece of copper metal in it. Is this some kind of tritum oxide Karpen Pile battery?

Offline fritznien

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tritium is radio active, you are not going to make this at home.
has a half life of around 10 years.

Offline pomodoro

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Its a hoax as the inventor mentions that tritium is safe which is of course rubbish. Its deadly when breathed in and it will leak as its simply radioactive water (tritium oxide).

Offline lancaIV

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Its a hoax as the inventor mentions that tritium is safe which is of course rubbish. Its deadly when breathed in and it will leak as its simply radioactive water (tritium oxide).

It is not a hoax,it is scientist thinking ! BTW: CFL and mercury !
It is a beta-voltaic device which will become encapsulated for save use !

"glow in the dark"-gadget : material use ?

                                        radium or strontium or tritium

                               radi/-o/-um-activity as perpetuum (nuclear spin) energy deliver(-er)


p.s.:  more than 5000 years (first) decay phase

These radioactive diamond batteries would have a very specific purpose – low power and extremely long life. A standard twenty-gram non-rechargeable AA battery stores about 13,000 Joules and will run out of power in about 24 hours of continuous operation. One diamond with one gram of carbon-14 would produce 15 Joules per day, much less than an AA battery.
But the power output of the diamond battery is continuous and doesn’t stop. The radioactive diamond battery would still be putting out 50% power after 5,730 years, which is one half-life of carbon-14 or about as long as human civilization has existed. During this time, the diamond battery would have produced over 20 million Joules. And would produce another 10 million during the next 5,730 years.
These diamonds are still radioactive, so they are given a second non-radioactive diamond coating to act as a radiation shield that gives off as much radiation as a banana.
                                                             Nuclear waste recycling !

Offline MagnaProp

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It is not a hoax...
I highly doubt it's a hoax as well. As far as this info never really seeing the light of day, that's up to the inventor. He can release the info if he wants to.

Tritium or heavy water isn't exactly allowed where I am so that counts me out.

Offline MagnaProp

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Not exactly related but I came across this tritium video where he puts a little tritium pocket light between some solar cells for a 10 year power source.

Offline abbhawk

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This company are selling a Tritium battery, it look like a china version i see too. I dont know the specifications but it is pretty expensive but they say it will last for 20 years. Price definately need to be lower before it makes sence. But it look like it is available.

Offline profitis

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"as much
radiation as a banana."

If there were a way to speed thisup then bananas could hav a whole other uses

Offline indigo22

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gans batteries never wear out ::)