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Title: How green lasers are made??
Post by: Magluvin on July 13, 2017, 05:19:36 PM
I have been working with lasers in some of my work at my shop. Mostly green lasers.

I get them from I use thin beam laser modules that aim at a mirror tilted slightly on a small motor to create a cone effect and thick beam lasers.

One of the thick beam lasers went out. The tube it is mounted in had a rattle. Unscrewed the lens and a short brass cylinder with a gap in it fell out. I thought it was the laser diode itself. Looking at it closer, it was a small rectangle crystal with what looked like partial mirrored ends. So looking at the actual laser assy that this cylinder was glued to, the module did output something, but wasnt easily visible. So I got out the camera and then I could see the output very well. It looked purple, so I guessed it was UV.  But it wouldnt show on fluorescent objects like the uv lasers I do have.  Then I found that the light was more visible on some black materials. Strange. So I figured it was IR.
So I looked it up and found an MIT article that explained it.... (

"Cheap green laser pointers can emit dangerous levels of infrared radiation, according to an investigation carried out by physicists in the US"

"These devices create coherent green light in a three step process. A standard laser diode first generates near infrared light with a wavelength of 808nm. This is focused onto a neodymium crystal that converts the light into infrared with a wavelength of 1064nm. In the final step, the light passes into a frequency doubling crystal that emits green light at a wavelength of  532nm."

I thought more on the lines that the crystal itelf may have been like a ruby rod laser, and was just pumped by the IR laser. Studied lasers back in middle school geeking it up.

I felt like I was in the land of the lost with Werra and Arry and Chacca banging colored crystals together to fight the sleestack. ;D Seems strange that there is a material that could increase the freq of light, as the Mit article suggests. But Id say they know better.

Title: Re: How green lasers are made??
Post by: Magluvin on July 13, 2017, 05:20:46 PM
More pics

Title: Re: How green lasers are made??
Post by: Acca on July 16, 2017, 01:06:42 AM

Congratulations on your discovery !!! No no no's a "REAL TESLA DEATH RAY" "WE" in the military have been using these IR lasers now for may years as target designator(s) and in the process blinding civilians and enemy combatants because we can, in war and that is the way the war is..

Green civilian lasers are the same as the military, missing is the conversion filter.. for them .. They use IR goggles in the dark to see them invisible lasers.. Looking in to that beam even at one click (1km) will damage "ur" "I" balls...

Warning !! Removing that "special glass" will make it invisible and will be hard to direct it with out using a moded camera..and can put out your eye balls.. if even looking at a shallow angle at arms length..

Here is a "death ray video clip" of that nasty weapon in use .... as the military has already used it.. dropping combatants like paper..(navy)..


ps clips to see. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Title: Re: How green lasers are made??
Post by: profitis on October 03, 2017, 08:03:23 PM
Lol I know where to lurn how to build one