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Title: Are you dead yet ?
Post by: massive on July 13, 2017, 04:49:14 AM

some might see this as old news but I was thinking , what if you are a soldier , are you serving the country (the intention) or is it basically just a job , and if so , isnt it in the best interest of the "employer" to send you off on (generally) suicide missions

thats IF,  the "employer" was involved in such an insurance scheme/scam

and then I started thinking about nine eleven and the people in the buildings , ALL employees , any chance of DP coverage ?
but what IF when you buy a plane ticket , is it possible , some how , written into the purchase of that ticket / passage is life insurance coverage .
I have to assume the air line industry doesnt want planes going down but the track record is shocking

remember theres no obligation to inform the employee that their life is insured , that could be you or me