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Has anyone tried this simple yet powerful human levitation experiment?

There are plenty on YouTube. Ive been meaning to try it soon when I get another person over,  as I remember it being done by Uri Geller ages ago and had forgotten all about it for 30+ years.

If you have a chance to try it first, let me know. 8)

Newton II:

There can be scientific methods of doing it.

As per the above page the total length of neurons when joined end to end in human brain is 1000 Kms (600 miles).  So, if you pass a mild current passing through all neurons end to end for 600 miles,  it should produce a terrifically strong magnetic field  (just as an electromagnet) in brain which if reacts with earth's magnetic field,  might easily lift you up!!

PS : Anybody trying it will be doing so at his own risk!   Don't  blame me !!!!

Gotta luv it

Thanks for the thread Pomodoro

wishing you success .


Hi everyone,

I'm a Yoga practitioner for the past 20 years. I was introduced and did what is demonstrated in the video at the beginning of my training.
It works just as demonstrated.
I don't understand exactly what makes it work but know from experience that the 5 people involved need to have a positive intent, the hand sequences (engaging and disengaging) needs to be in an exact order and no hands of the lifters should touch each other while in position over the head of the one in the chair. Only the 2 index fingers (joined together after energizing) are used to do the lifting.
Many may be familiar with the body's Chakra's (energy centers) which supposedly has an energy known Prana or Chi (life force) that flows through the the Crown Chakra (top of the head).
I believe this exercise (if done correctly) causes a momentary alignment of the Prana or Chi that flows through the top of the head of the one sitting in the chair through the hands of the 4 bodies engaged in doing the lifting which results in a temporary lifting ability.

Kind regards


Thanks for sharing that info Luc.   I tried this some 20 years ago with some willing and believing friends.  We were only trying to lift someone who was under 100 pounds.   Lifters were all reasonably strong but we couldn't do it very well.   I'm sure the info I had at the time was missing something or we were not doing it quite right.   But I had talked to several other people over the years I know well who said it definitely works.   One person said when you get it right it's just like lifting a cocoa puff :)     Here's a good video of 5 rather petite girls lifting a 263 pound body builder.   Amazing!


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