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Title: Redefining the meaning of free energy
Post by: markdansie on May 28, 2017, 01:30:58 AM
 I selected this story as it reflects how far we have gone in a short time from centralist power generation and billing, to energy independence. We can now have energy independence with transport as well. I spoke with a good friend from the USA who just too delivery of his new Chevy bolt and will charge it of his solar panels at a grand cost of $70 per month after all the subsidies.[/font][/size]
I guess ultimately the term free energy has changed  in the lat few years from seeking some mythological energy source to now being able to economically harvest renewable environmental energy at a grid or personnel level[/font][/size]
We are still at the begging of the revolution, but I firmly believe that the many advances in storage technology will start filtering through in the next 3 to 5 years. That will bring in a new era where it will be the norm to have a renewable energy house and electric or hydrogen powered vehicle.[/font][/size]
The quest for "free" and better energy sources will continue and are important. projects like Simon's infrared technology has an important role to play, as much so a battery technology.[/font][/size]
I have enjoyed bringing you the story's over the lat few years, and debunking a few scams along the way. In many ways I feel my journey is complete  Thank you for your friendships, discussions, opinions and patronage.[/font][/size]
Kind Regards
Mark Dansie

Title: Re: Redefining the meaning of free energy
Post by: profitis on June 07, 2017, 09:30:07 AM
"before I could do this"