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Author Topic: Pravda Releases More Info On Sensational Energy Source Discovery  (Read 7096 times)

Offline mikestocks2006

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I was researching magnetic monopoles and Dirac's theorems and came across this:

"The statement from academician Valerian Sobolev, the head of the group of scientists who made several scientific discoveries.

The group of scientists which I am the head of made 7 discoveries. This was a breakthrough in the knowledge. We discovered the new objectively existing regularities of the material world which were not known to the humanity before. This opens new horizons to our country in terms of economy and social field. The discoveries make it possible to get cheap electric power, create new aircrafts with the new engines, produce the new construction materials that will be very strong but much lighter. These discoveries will surely become the property of the people from all countries, they will make their life easier, more comfortable, they will improve the quality of life fundamentally. However, for the time being our group of scientists would like those discoveries to be realized on the territory of Russia. We let the Russian President know about that.

These discoveries will be the ground for the principally new technologies, they will have a huge impact on development of technology and energy. We believe our discoveries have a fundamental significance for profound understanding of the material world around us. For instance it will be possible to create the new technologies for production of sources of the extremely cheap electric power without using conventional energy carriers like nuclear fuel, oil, gas or coal. When manufacturing the new aircrafts there can be used the new ways for them to move both in the air and in the outer space like UFO."

full article here:

However; since 2001 not much followup... If anyone has any more info in these 7 discoveries, do post, as they appear to be pretty interesting.

Offline Jinis

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Re: Pravda Releases More Info On Sensational Energy Source Discovery
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2007, 08:28:28 PM »
However; since 2001 not much followup... If anyone has any more info in these 7 discoveries, do post, as they appear to be pretty interesting.

Hi mikestocks2006, this discovery was sold 2001 to one company from Canada for about 170 mio. USD. Look here:

The buyer was ?Agrimex International? from Canada. This technology disappeared up to now ....


Offline pese

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Re: Pravda Releases More Info On Sensational Energy Source Discovery
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2007, 06:45:05 PM »
F?r alle,
es handelt sich um Stromgeneratoren die ununterbrochen
Energie liefern und keine Zusatzmittel ( Betriebstoffe) brauchen
es handelt sich um kleine Generatoren von 3 - 10 Kw,
die zum Haus und B?ro Betrieb gedacht sind.
Es ist ( war wohl !) geplant das 2 Firmen entstehen die dies
bauen sollen. Eine in Canada die andere in Russland.

Mein Kommentar:  Wenn die ?lindustrie f?r das Patent mehr bietet als
sich am Verkauf verdienen l?sst . WIRD nichts produziert ! Ist wohl
verst?ndlich. Die freie Marktwirtschaft macht es m?glich.


For all, this concerns current generators those continuously energy supply and no additives (operating materials) need this concerns small generators of 3 - 10 KW, which are meant to the house and office enterprise. It is (probably was!) planned 2 companies develop the this to build are. One in Canada the other one in Russia. ------------- My comment: If the oil industry for the patent offers more than at the sales can be earned. Nothing is produced! Is probably understandable. The free free-market economy makes it possible.

Offline mikestocks2006

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Re: Pravda Releases More Info On Sensational Energy Source Discovery
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2007, 04:25:08 AM »
Jinis, thanks for the reference.
It's in Russian it seems, but searching for Agrimex International brought up this:
"The GRUS Research and Production Center has announced the signing of a contract with the Canadian company Agrimex International, according to which the latter will invest $168 million for the commercial use of a certain significant Russian discovery. The story examines the agreement. (A2)"
Report was early 2002...
Agrimex Inc., Montreal, Quebec
Agrimex signed a contract with Grus Ltd of Volgograd to develop commercial applications of alternative power technology.

But not much on the technology or what is used for.
Little info on the company or products. (Farm supplies?)

pese, thanks for the added details regarding home generators. Do you have a reference/more info on it.
Agree on the power of $$$ and free enterprise. And that brings me on another topic I think needs to be openly discussed by all participating members here, but maybe not in this thread...

Ok back to Agrimex and the technology. Any Idea what the patents are? or more specifics on the devices, and discoveries?
Thanks for all the input.