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Author Topic: Nano Knife  (Read 1981 times)

Offline Hope

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Nano Knife
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:04:51 PM »
Bill Nye's link,  game changer.

Ground floor stuff, you engineers put on your "how can we use this" brains.

From an edited reply I send earlier  Thank you for all your input,  everyone has helped me reach the
understanding of what we have been missing.   I can see how the TPU uses this now and how so very many
COP < 1 devices do the same thing using different methods.    Restriction and pressure would be a better
name for the current science of electronics.
Path of least resistance and flow is nature's method.   It is totally unknown to me if people are aware of why the energy multiples in harmonics or did they just stumble on "this works" and made a one of a kind unit.   Your discussion
about tuning led me to write this email,  I feel you have gained some real understanding.  I am going to link you Bill Nyes new project and it is for info to feed that mind of yours not to send him money (though he was a great neighbor here once and is an all about helping).   This device could be renamed "nano knife",  they say they can cut a 3 micron swath thru silicon.  This is ground floor science they can use the purest materials now and make 100 solar cells using only what used to be one cell.   Why not apply this to all elements ie graphite   then 2nd cut the 3 microns down using same method to nano of 3-6 layers or even single layer graphene.    The layers then cut from face of multi layered material (a few atoms thick)
 with laser to form circuits down to the single layer graphene.  So the circuits would be the cuts down to the single layer and the nano structures would
be the components formed form nano layered compounds (then perhaps topped with circuit etched graphene).