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Author Topic: Topic for considering the Claims of member Fernandez  (Read 2198 times)


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Topic for considering the Claims of member Fernandez
« on: August 01, 2019, 03:22:37 PM »
under construction please give a little time
any body who will replicate simple experiment please PM me or if not forum member also will try to get moderator status in this topic here for whomever commits to buildand also some funding to same person thru this open source community

snip from here post 1476
 Start by creating two coils, these will be called Coil A and Coil B. These coils (cores) are created with 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 PVC.

Coil A will consist of a PVC form roller of about 6 inches. On this you will roll 4 layers of #14 wire. Over the #14 wire you will wrap 4 - 6 turns of #8 wire. Note you can take #14 wire and bundle it together to create a thicker wire. It is important to know that thicker wire has more natural electricity then thinner wire. This to start will be an air core coil.

Coil B will consist of a PVC form roller of about 12". On this you will roll 2 layers of #14 wire. Over this you will roll 6 - 8 turns of #8 wire. Same applies as above, you can make thicker wire.

Connecting the coils:
First, it is important to understand that if Coil A is mounted horizontal then Coil B MUST be vertical and vice verse. The primary in Coil A should not influence Coil B in any way. Best to leave 1 foot distance between the coils to start. Also the primary and secondary of Coil A should not be grounded. Connect the secondary (#8 wire) of Coil A to the primary of Coil B (#14 wire). Remember this is NOT GROUNDED. The secondary of Coil B should be attached to a small load. This can be as simple as a small coil wrapped around a nail to check for magnetism. Also the secondary of Coil B should be grounded.

The primary of Coil A is connected as follows. Connect one side to a 12v battery, you will operate by hand the other side. Tap the terminal of a 12v battery with the other side. We are creating IMPULSES through Coil A. These impulses should be of short duration. Observe the results of the magnetism on Coil B. There is a difference between the impulses of Coil A and that of Coil B. Coil A is impulsed by the current of a battery and Coil B is impulsed by a magnetic field. The impulses from the battery are different from the magnetic field, here is where you need to observe and study. To recap the important last sentence. The impulses created from a battery are DIFFERENT then the impulses originating from magnetic fields. This is the only thing an FE experimenter should concern himself with.

Variations of the above experiment. Add iron to Coil B. To do this visit your local junk yard and get some "tire irons". With a hack saw cut the ends off and you will have good iron for electro-magnetic coils. Fill the inside of Coil B with this iron, re-test and record results of magnetic field. Remove iron and add to Coil A, re-test and record results. Increase the voltage of the primary and re-test. IDEALLY reduce the input voltage, of the primary, for the greatest magnetic effect.

There is enough experimental work here to carry the part-time experimenter for the rest of the year. Let it be known that you are experimenting with magnetic fields of the 3rd Order. These orders continue onward (4th, 5th, 6th ....etc) each with there own effect. An order is created when an ungrounded secondary is connected to the primary of another coil. It is up to YOU to experiment and find your own answers, I simple pointed you in the correct direction (after a lot of BS written here).

In conclusion......... written in one of the patents is a very, very, very small sentence that validates the above experiment. Much like the 'yoke' (y) it has eluded many.

Good luck. 
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