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Author Topic: Pulsing A Bifilar Coil And Collecting From It And Various Ways Of Going About It  (Read 44965 times)


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intersting effect in that neonbulb.
I have been womdering about the colors of a spark. blue green purple.
it seems frequency dependent.

a collapsing magnetic field creates a dielectric pressure,  that exites the gas to a maximum leve(spin speed)l and then it starts emitting the excess energy as light.


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I found out, the best way to impulse a bifilar coil, is to impulse it from both ends, one side positive impulse other side negative impulse, but simultaneously.
Nelson rocha's latest shared circuit does this.

It not only does that, but in the same coil that is impulsed, is also series resonance creating high currents.

the impulsed series resonant coil, is a primary.
The secondary, is inductive coupled, so sees the high currents. But is also in the radiant field induced by the impulses.

Without the current, resonance can easily be tuned into the secondary, as you will be able to see what you are doing on s scope. But the high current, prevents this... It seems to be tuned differently...

So with the current in the secondary, your tuning blind... adding capacitance until it resonates with the impulses of the primary.

When tuned, this could deliver voltage in a high current coil. in phase.
So far only theory...
only need to tune...