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New theories about free energy systems > Dense aether model and scalar wave physics


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No its not childish
its criminal

this member Zephir decided that he was going to take over Stefan's forum
so he posted lies about replicators here [most/ALL  serious persons building here

he said they are liars and frauds who actively work to hide OU at OU.com
he then says OU is easy.

I have no idea why Stefan has allowed this here ,it is the worst violation of his TOS I HAVE EVER SEEN HERE

it is truly Vulgar to the men  that have worked together for so long and spent soo much time and effort open sourcing their work

and the final Kick in the groin from Zephir after saying OU is easy these liars and criminals  hide it here??

NOTHING next from him to qualify  OU is easy

crickets chirping from him  ,instead he points to ..... assumptions ??

most here figured he would have something to Show ???????????????

all lies from Zephir about the members here and just theories with many many words that lead to ??

certainly not his claim
OU is easy ????

no it is not easy

the better question

why is this man here  ??

if you were unaware of his behavior here towards members [all longtime experimenters here?] now you know.

but he will delete this again
naah, Zephir came to burn the house down

he's doing a good job ,

but what he builds after??

OU is easy ??

mud and twigs on nothing of substance

No proof that OU is easy and no proof that the builders  are all liars  who hide it for years and years at OU.com.

show us great Zephir

this easy OU

anything ??
but never assume we will not measure it...we have become very good here at measuring

you apparently [Zephir] haven't a clue how to properly measure ,and see OU in every you tube video and every fair wind that blows thru your ears....
I suppose the Zephir did not count on all serious members here working together and sharing

it is after all an Open source forum ??

and they [longtime dedicated members here] are after all,,,, the best of the best !!

not like Zephir at all


--- Quote from: ramset on April 25, 2017, 09:31:31 PM ---I just hung up with Stefan about the problem here

should be sorted in a day or so.

--- End quote ---

Cool, guessing he will just delete everything right?

Well isn't that what the poison moderator has been doing ? So if above is true when will it be safe to post stuff on the thread without fear of ridicule and efforts and hard work being deleted ?

I don't want to delete anything from your precious insights and to waste it for future generations in this way. But some posts are apparently off-topic here and they deserve for example this thread. Of course this relocation should preserve the continuity of discussion, it should be done sensibly and it can also wait for later. Once you will stay on topic, then you have absolutely nothing to afraid.

Hmmm...   Think about this:

Suppose I had a self-runner that I replicated several times already.  It was cheap
to make, had lots of output power and would work flawlessly any place on the
planet.  Everyone knew I had it and wanted details that I was willing to share.
But being a bit of an asshat, I posted something that got me permanently banned
from this forum.

Would anyone clear my name?  Would anyone stick up for me?

Or would things go dark and be kept in private?


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