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EMJunkie went as far as to claim I did not understand the use of, or the meaning of the = sign in this 'equation' he wrote and I only quoted it from him:                                 
                1 Watt second = 1 Joule per second

see this here: 

and his "explanation" for that equation is  "Joules per Second = Joules per Second, quantified by the Value or Units of, the term being of equal value, 
or equal in Units, not necessarily defined by the value."   

Did you notice? He simple changed his original   "1 Watt second = 1 Joule per second"    to    "Joules per Second = Joules per Second".

   And he wrote I was acting like a Juveline and that I should be ashamed of myself.  This is hilarious!

Then he went on deleting my other posts and also the posts of the other member we made last night.

Because I saved my posts, I reposted one of them and this time EMJunkie did not delete it : 

but he continued to belittle me. of course.

I attach a deleted post of mine and that includes EMJunkie's reply to that post in which he wrote to me:
"Childish and Petty Gyula! Really, get out of the mud, and make some sense!"    So he deleted his post together with mine but I saved it and attached.

The astute readers here surely notice that in the last 2 days  EMJunkie has started to use the correct units of energy and power
by writing the correct equations and also attaching numerous picture quotes on them in both of his threads he can moderate. 
So he wants to sweep his earlier 'deeds' under the rug and also blaming me and the other forum member for his mistakes. 

What a character !   What do you all think?


PS I include the top part text of the below attachment to make it readable easier:

 I did not mean Smudge or lancaIV came to my rescue.   The astute readers here surely understand the thoughts of Smudge from his post, 
I quote the relevant part: 

 "...  I note the various disagreements that have occurred on matters like use of RMS for power measurements, the silly name of
this thread "Partnered Output Coils", 1 Watt second = 1 Joule per second and so on.  ..."    (bold is from me)   

Re lancaIV: his post (you also refer to) on interpreting angular momentum backed up the fact that Joule-second has nothing to do 
with the units of electrical energy or power  while earlier  you did bring it up against me as if it was me who wrote it wrongly. 
It was you who brought up Joule-second first in connection with electrical energy, not me. Your table on Si Units shows the difference
of units for Power and Angular Momentum.
You wrote to lancaIV: "I am learning also, and sometimes I am not right.  In this case, my posts were directly from Source material, 
learned and cross referenced. That's why Gyula is wrong and I am standing my Ground!"   (bold is from me)

Bingo! Your good move towards admitting sometimes you are not right: now you need a small step only to tell you made a mistake 
in writing this: 1 Watt second = 1 Joule per second etc.   

You can keep deleting posts of course,  and you can blame me for your mistakes you made but instead it would be a simple sentence   
to write you was not right with using the units in question. And that you have learned indeed proving you are ready for it. 


Hi Gyula,
I intend to participate in this discussion. I have some images I wish to attach/post and am having difficulty sizing them properly. Thanks gyula.

So, attached is part of a screenshot from a table found here:
These are internationally accepted units. Notice the bottom lines for the joule and the watt. The joule is represented by symbol J. And J = W•s or 1 joule = 1 watt second. A watt is represented by symbol W. And W = J/s or 1 watt = 1 joule per second.

W is power. J is energy. W is watts. J is joules.

Everybody in the world uses this convention, standard, system except EMJunkie.


{edit5} cleaned up trouble with attachment size and added comment.


Here is the Table on SI Units too  what EMJunkie uploaded here first to show the units of Power and encircled it in red to show everybody: lo he knows that...  but it was on June 16, and the debate started on June 13 when he wrote : "when you specify Watt, it is Watt second".

Also,  the units (Joule-second)  of Angular Momentum is also included in the same table what I encircled now too.   It is funny he did not know or notice this earlier when he first blamed me for my mixing up the two but it was his confusion.



Gentlemen also I hope some discussion on RMS and measurements can be discussed... as many are confused about how the temp of a bulb could not give clues to its output ? Ion had taught us a method to scale the bulb with a thermometer [a quick calibration method]
run the chosen bulb at 1 watt increments and measure its temp [or 1/10th ?] ....scale every watt and note its temperature... or every 5 or ten watts etc etc...then a researcher can take a bulbs temp and know the power going thru it !and if all researchers have the same bulb....they can know the power output...and compare results...example: i have bulb manufacturer XYZ  part number ******** and its showing 50C or ??? then I can know power from quick calibration chart.[or somebody in another country can run test and verify power by temperature [not sure power is proper word here ??]

I probably did not do a good job explaining this to Chris ...however almost all persons I have asked since his dismissal
of this caloric method have disagreed .
to be clear..its part of ION's fixed loss to ambient test protocol [was outlined in Chris topic] protocol was specifically designed for
making quality measurements on difficult circuits [HF...RF...nonlinear ...or meters go haywire or Oscilloscope  probes can't touch "sniff " circuit etc etc...also saves from damaging test equipment at times...and allows those with no expensive equipment tojoin in the fun...[with good data or reliable test results.

I will also be asking Smudge for opinion here too.
not looking to start fights just to understand....The better an experimenter can be on his bench and sharing results...the better we all can be in getting there faster.
respectfully...Chet K
I refer to member ions fixed loss to ambient test protocol which will have a tutorial in the coming weeks.


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