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--- Quote ---Would anyone clear my name?  Would anyone stick up for me? Or would things go dark and be kept in private?
--- End quote ---

In general only posts violating netiquette should be deleted, but not their authors as a whole. There are many less or more unobtrusive ways (other than plain moderation), how to keep the public from the progress in overunity and actual truth. The surprisingly high number of posters on this forum, who are willingly utilize every opportunity how to dilute the discussion about subject may be also one of the ways, how to do disrupt the overunity progress and its public awareness. Such an effort may not be centrally organized at all for still being effective - on the contrary. Too many scientists and their wannabes hate the overunity subject heartily and they're willing to spend time for its disruption.

I just tried to relocate one of off-topic posts here into an existing thread "Re: Inventors and replicators - social aspects of overunity community". The relocation interface is straightforward: it enables you to determine the name of target thread and the individual posts from the original thread, which should be relocated. And it also works - the problem is, even when I use the existing thread name exactly the same, new thread will be still formed. So that there is no smooth way, how to move off-topic posts into some dedicated forum or even how to return them back again: the existing engine simply doesn't support it - or I missed some detail.

I'll ask Stefan, what could be done with it.

So what you're saying Zephir is that I'm not capable of using my own discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff?

--- Quote from: Zephir ---Now I'm myself cluttering the Nelson Rocha forum in (probably futile) attempts to explain my attitude regarding the moderation of this forum. We both are interested about Nelson Rocha's device - yet our discussion already got off topic and it needs to be cleaned on behalf of another users, who are still posting insightful and relevant posts under hope, this thread will be finally just about its subject.

So that all posts which aren't related to thread topic should be (and they will be) relocated into a new thread.
--- End quote ---

Just keep putting words in my mouth and I'll bug out of this place.  I have enough friends I don't need this!

Who was the knucklehead that started this whole moderation thing anyway?


--- Quote ---Just keep putting words in my mouth and I'll bug out of this place.
--- End quote ---

Easy man, I did it by accident and please accept my apology for it. There are way too many edit boxes all around my screen... ;-)

Personally I don't see any usage for editing the foreign posts (such a post could be always moved into the bin or relocated as a whole) - but I still have this option available (and my posts were also modified by another moderators here in the past).

But as you can see, now you're also willing to ruin whole overunity forum and work of many other people here just because of your momentary private feelings and negative attitude. So you also may not be always able to separate "the wheat from the chaff".

Looks like Rant Rooms popping up on every corner........I heard this one is gonna serve free doughnut with Java?......can't get that kinda service at every Rant Room.  :P

The true is, the free energy people aren't very disciplined by their very nature - just because they tend to think out of box. From the same reason, they don't like any authority. But just this creativity and lack of discipline can become a brake of further progress and relevant discussion on this forum. It's not secret for me, that actual progress in overunity was never made in this forum - in essence all really interesting stuffs were always borrowed here from somewhere else. But now its veteran members became tired and they stopped to collect a new info about overunity from outside. By now this forum stagnates because of its verbosity, which deters people from outside, who would otherwise had to say something more relevant and interesting.

As I explained above, the software engine of this forum also doesn't allow to move/relocate off-topic posts into some dedicated thread - instead of it new thread will be established during every relocation. So that new RANT ROOMS may be currently underway if the people in this particular board will not learn to cooperate. It's just my experiment with Stephan arranged here and I cannot guarantee, it will be successful if all people here will decide to boycott it. If you all will decide to keep the clueless mess here, you'll simply have it - and no one could prohibit you in having it.


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