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Re: Inventors and replicators - social aspects of overunity community


To note
I just hung up with Stefan about the problem here

should be sorted in a day or so.

I just tried to relocate one of off-topic posts (this above one) into an existing thread "Re: Inventors and replicators - social aspects of overunity community". The relocation interface is straightforward: it enables you to determine the name of target thread and the individual posts from the original thread, which should be relocated. And it also works - the problem is, even when I use the existing thread name exactly the same, a new thread will be still formed.. So that there is no smooth way, how to move off-topic posts into some dedicated forum or even how to return them back again: the existing engine simply doesn't support it - or I missed some detail.

I'll ask Stefan, what could be done with it.


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