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Author Topic: General Classical Electrodynamics  (Read 5483 times)

Offline electroscalar

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General Classical Electrodynamics
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:10:40 PM »
Hey everyone,

Long time (since 2010) energy researcher here. I've been studying electrodynamics and in particular the inconsistencies in Maxwell's electrodynamics.

I'm looking for like minded people (preferably with a mathematical understand of Maxwell's theory) to discuss some ideas.

I believe I have a good understanding now of what is missing or incorrect about Maxwell's electrodynamics and how to fix it. Some of the things I think I understand in a very exact way (with mathematical arguments) are:
- The longitudinal Ampere force (little brother of the Lorentz force)
- A scalar field (there is a lot of confusion around this)
- Longitudinal Electromagnetic waves (there is a lot of confusion about this)
- The nature and description of the energy source we are after (exact mathematical definition)

I feel what I understand now, should clear up and explain many things we are trying to understand as a community. I'm familiar with many, if not most, of the free energy claims, methods and people/theories. I also from time to time experiment myself, but I'm more theoretically minded. (Although I learn a lot when I just build and test circuits, I try to balance it)

I have not shared anything online yet. But I want to gauge if there are any people who want to know more about this, especially those with a reasonable understanding of Maxwell's equations. And if you don't understand the math, thats fine to :) But I do believe that the reason why there is so much material out there (and research for many years) and still no solid result of a working, repeatable experiment/system is a lack of precise understanding of electrodynamics as it stands, its errors and the fix.

The paper in the attachment is my greatest inspiration. Most of the things I know about this are described here. Almost everything I know about this are not my own ideas by the way.

So are you excited about this? Let me know what you think, should I explain more about the subject? Do you have questions? I can explain:
-what the source is of a scalar magnetic field
-how a scalar field exerts a force on a current
-experiments to conduct
-how to design your own experiments for this
-what Longitudinal EM waves are
-the connection with Tesla systems
-the reason for why HF/HV is important in free energy systems
-charge density waves
-ideas on electric eather and gravity
-faster than light electric field, experiments
-The energy source as I see it

This is my true passion and I believe we will get there one day. But we need to be honest about how much we understand and be realistic about what our community is putting out in terms of results. From an electrical engineering point of view, there is still no solid result in my opinion. (although I do believe for example that the Kapanadze system works) But Kapanadze and others may not understand the physics and so can't communicate clearly what is going on. Thats why there is no solid replicas.

I hope to contribute by sharing what I know. And I'm finally ready to share, so let me know if you want to know more. I'm really hungry for feedback and meaningful discussion.

Much love

Offline not_a_mib

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Re: General Classical Electrodynamics
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2018, 03:37:57 AM »
GCED.pdf:  As Jethro[1] would say:  "That shore is sum fancy cipherin'!"Unfortunately most over-unitarians don't do mathematics, especially American redneck inventor-types.

I dabbled a little bit a few years ago.