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Re: Inventors and replicators - social aspects of overunity community

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--- Quote ---You're the only one doing any attacking here Zephir by your anonymous & libellous accusations.
--- End quote ---

I see, so that Nelson Rocha is whining, that he was ignored before years on behalf of Akula and ridiculed in previous threads. Now, when this thread is moderated for his attackers, he continues to whine, that he is still ridiculed at another webs and that he will still say nothing because of it. OK...

During this time his attackers are whining that Zephir accused them from attacking the inventors and disrupting the overunity research and that they will not "do replications" here anymore. Boys, get mature for moment.

I can understand that you all have some reasons, for which you don't want to cooperate smoothly  - but why to cover it with  accusations of grievances? This is not social club or senior house for retired loners - you're all wasting too much time at this forum for too little results.  What will happen, if one of thousands of threads here will get terminated because someone's feeling offended? Absolutely nothing - this forum stagnates for years already because new social platforms emerged and YouTube is full of way more interesting (and also way better documented) projects of people, who are willing to collaborate and share information without any social overhead.

Get real finally.

and what did you accomplish by calling builders here Liars and frauds who purposely hide OU

and adding
 Zephir quote
OU is easy they hide it here all the time [the builders]

how do these lies help things?

you can continue to censor my question
or answer it ?


--- Quote from: Zephir on April 24, 2017, 01:25:43 AM ---
During this time his attackers are whining that Zephir accused them from attacking the inventors and disrupting the overunity research. Boys, get mature for moment. 

--- End quote ---

Ok referring to yourself in the third person. That speaks volumes. You are an anonymous rude, abusive individual who does contributes nothing but noise. You really are wrecking this forum. I really hope Stefan bans you soon.

..and now you change the name of the thread are you trying to hide Nelson's work now?

OK, now you can exchange your opinions here in piece and occasionally I'll delete it as a whole.

It's not my intention to promote here anything, which isn't directly related to overunity research.
Internet is already full of Facebook and similar social clubs.


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