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Transverters: ferroresonant transformers from Russia

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Transverters: ferroresonant transformers from Russia


Transverters are ferroresonant transformers of Alexander Michin, Kuldochin, Andreev and Sedov, which are spreading like a new overunity memes at YouTube from Russia during last three years. Their primary winding is bifilar and usually tuned with serial capacitor. Occasionally a parallel capacitor has been used. The input can be regulated with triac (i.e. dimmer module from China e-shops and similar). The output winding is shorted and utilized for heat production (copper pipe cooled by water) with ~ 200% overunity claimed. It may be increased to 300, 400 etc by using tri, four-filar coil accordingly. If you want to draw electricity from transformer directly, additional non-shorted secondary must be used.

Bolotov's autotransformer coil is quite similar to mythic patent of Daniel McFarland Cook from 1871 (first electric overunity patent - filled well BEFORE someone could be interested about electricity fraud).

Just a small correction: It is Bolotov not Volotov

Thank You, this is important and it has been corrected.
Now I'm studying the subject: there are hundreds of YouTube videos about it and I want to get their substance.


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