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--- Quote from: Zephir on April 24, 2017, 02:30:18 AM ---Hi Alper, the original demonstration utilizes very clean (deionized) water for to eliminate ohmic loses and a simple reactor represented with short plastic pipe. The reactor is separated with membrane for desalination of water by reverse osmosis, which one can buy at many places of the web as a wholesale kit (see bellow). The membrane is pressed/glued into a hole at the middle of pipe and inert electrodes (stainless steel or preferably platinum) are leading voltage bellow and above the membrane. All the rest of electrodes must be indeed insulated well for to avoid short circuit through water outside the electrodes.

I even think, that it has a meaning to use the whole kit as it is, because it's perfectly nonconducting and it allows to introduce the high voltage at both sides of membrane simply by inserting the inert wire electrodes (not iron, aluminium or other metals clogging the membranes) into its outlets. The membrane must be washed carefully from salt residues after manufacture and soaked with water according to instructions for its normal usage. Because the membrane will have high resistance and ohmic loses after then, the kit must be passed with clean water for to provide sufficient cooling of it.  The main problem will be, you'll need a very powerful high voltage source for to maintain sufficient voltage across the membrane due to its large surface area inside the kit - so you'll have to apply it in short pulses.

Therefore for first fast experiment may be easier to cut a smaller piece (circle) of membrane and use it in stationary arrangement, as demonstrated at the video above. Whole the device is powered with high frequency source of high voltage, which you can also buy ready made. IMO the voltage source for ozonizers could also work well. The video says, that if we introduce this voltage into desalination membrane, then it will heat itself with power much higher, than the power consumption of this circuit.

This device has interesting connection to Dudyshev's patent, which claims to produce the HHO mixture (Brown gas) with overunity with using of electro capillary effect. Therefore with using of DC current instead of AC it may be possible to produce hydrogen instead of just heat with overunity.

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Hi Zephir,i finded a video which is seems very same to russian device.But there is no membrane.Also both of them generates abnormally heat and uses H.V.
Here is the link of the video;


--- Quote from: Alper ---Why membrane is glowing at the video,if there is no plasma discharge? Thanks.
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Hi Alper, this is indeed a good insight and a question. The story of this finding is, it has been accidentally revealed by Russian expert working in research of desalination technology in Dubai, who attempted to increase the speed of desalination process with external electric voltage introduced onto a membrane. He wasn't successful with it - but he observed an anomalous heat production instead. I believe that the overunity effect is the special result of narrow membrane pores, which would force the water molecules to reorient itself and to collide in one-dimensional manner within nanopores. My theory is, an avalanche-like effect analogous to famous Astroblaster toy is what it applies there and what amplifies the amount of heat produced due to repeated breaking and recombination of water molecules. In this extent the reading of anomalous heat during hydrogen recombination may be of certain interest there. I therefore think, that this device may not run on principle of cold fusion, as its source implies.

If the plasma would be the actual source of anomalous heat, then no special osmotic membrane would be actually necessary and every cheap porous membrane or sintered glass filter (see bellow) could be used instead, because the heat would be formed across plasma layer above and bellow the membrane - not within pores of membrane and the type of pores or membrane will be irrelevant. The ceramic membranes would be more stable and as such more suitable in this type of reactor after then. The video source says, that the osmotic membrane survives just an half of hour in the experiment, after then the heat production ceases down and the membrane must be replaced. This could serve as another indicia, that the heat production actually runs inside the pores - not within plasma outside the membrane - but this assumption should be still subject of future research.

The plasma electrolysis at electrode is commonly used in cold fusion research, but its energy yields aren't as high in general. What I think is, that the plasma has been demonstrated at the end of video when the water was already boiling. Under such a situation just a small amount of heat will be able to form vapor layer above membrane, which would get ionized with glow discharge. What I therefore think is, that the plasma formation is actually an unwanted artifact, which would decrease the energy yield and life-time of membrane - but I can be indeed still wrong. IMO it would have a good meaning to try another types of porous plates too: sintered glass, zirconia or alumina.

--- Quote from: alpersddk ---i finded a video which is seems very same to russian device.But there is no membrane
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Hi, alpersddk - this is also an interesting find. But I'd consider the overunity claims there with caution. Just because the space between electrodes is very narrow and only low volume of fluid gets trapped there, it may bring a false impression, that the heat production is very high. I would recommend to measure the actual heat generated carefully with using of larger volume of fluid around electrodes. For example the measuring of amount of ice melted during experiment could be used for exact estimation of total amount of heat produced.


--- Quote from: alpersddk on April 24, 2017, 08:14:30 PM ---Hi Zephir,i finded a video which is seems very same to russian device.But there is no membrane.Also both of them generates abnormally heat and uses H.V.
Here is the link of the video;

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Nothing special , you can get vapor generators that do this from the chemist. As the dude said in video AC can be used.  If the chap actually measured everything properly an scientifically there is no OU.


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