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Author Topic: Transformers.. still enigma?  (Read 3169 times)


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Transformers.. still enigma?
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:11:52 PM »
Hi there,  experimenters.. 

Have played a bit with some transformers configuration and strange things(at least for me) happened.
Equipment involved : 110-220v transformer, a UDT transformer –as seen some where around (believe was from Paul Raymond Jensen).
What happened.. when plugged in the system I had a bulb of 24v/15w connected to middle section coil.. the bulb flashed and  gone...burned.
Some smell come from top coil..hmm..
UDT vibrate a lot.
Curiosity pushed me to connect my precious scope(dso1062) last probe  ,setting x 10,  50v/divto points A&B.
The signal form did not fit on screen, I believe was way above 600vpp.
Got  a bit frightened and disconnected the probe... a bit too late , probe gone.
Unplugged the system, top coil just started to smoke..
Noticed also the 110-220v trafo become a bit hot, yet nothing connected to it on 110v side.
Connected to points A and B a 220v/25w filament bulb and powered back the system. The bulb was bright like welding flame, the UDT still vibrating.The little experiment gave me some questions to find answers..
What could be the cause for above things.
Pictures of UDT during manufacture and trafo, schematics attached..
I'll be back for more experimenting once I get new probes.
regards and happy experimenting..