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An OS in disguise I think


   Hi all:
   Some years ago I d/l from PB a big listing of all the files available with their hash codes and descriptions. As I started to look at the lists, there was one file that stood out from the format of "all" the others. When viewed in hex, it seems to resemble an executable file but has to be reconstructed to do so.
   Searching out all the different types of file formats, nothing is close except from the dos/win format. It still is a bit different from a .com or .exe style. When converted and run as a .exe, the message of "file to big" is given. Would be glad to ship the exe to anyone who would like to take a look at it.
   Looking into finding some one with a disassembler for the dos/win series of pgms.

If you are game, hit me up. May well be a hidden thing that they did back then.


Look here:   or Google ida pro advanced v5 incl hex rays decompiler v1.1 ind rar.rar for one of the better disassemblers.  What's the name of the file you have?


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