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Author Topic: Electrostatic-Donut Version Of Magnetic-Donut  (Read 3356 times)

Offline guest1289

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Electrostatic-Donut Version Of Magnetic-Donut
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:49:55 PM »
  I'm wondering if you could succeed in building an  Electrostatic-Donut Version Of a  Magnetic-Donut,    a  magnetic-donut  where  it's field  travels right around the donut.

   I know most people claim that no one has achieved in making such a magnetic-donut
     -  what about  linking lots of magnets together
     -  what about  linking 4 magnets together using iron,  to form a donut
     -  and I posted at least one( a diagram ) of a more sophisticated possible method, but    it seems my explanation of how it worked was not easy to understand, 

   Obviously this has only been done with mercury,  where they achieve the 'Perpetual-Current'  phenomenon

   However,  this thread is about  an  Electrostatic-Donut Version Of a Magnetic-Donut,  but it has the same goal as the mercury design,  in that it is to achieve the 'Perpetual-Current'  phenomenon

    So I assume the idea of this thread could include both plastics and or metals, 

Offline guest1289

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    • The download link for the document containing my 'Inventions and Designs'
Re: Electrostatic-Donut Version Of Magnetic-Donut
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2017, 10:30:21 PM »
    For anyone who doesn't believe that the  perpetual/persistent-current  phenomenon exists, here it is on wikipedia :

     Obviously the main difference between an  Electrostatic-Donut,   and a   Magnetic-Donut( where it's field  travels right around the donut ),   is that the  Electrostatic-Donut  is not  a  magnet

     I'm only pointing that out,  because yesterday,  when I mentioned
both plastics and or metals
       I  started thinking that an  Electrostatic-Donut  made of  metal( instead of out of some plastic or something ),  could be the same as a  Magnetic-Donut,  for some reasons,  e.g.  when electricity flows in a wire it turns that wire into a type of temporary-magnet( but with a rotating electromagnetic-field ),  but even if that happened,  it would not be the same as a  permanent-magnet,
          -  it starts getting confusing there

    I wonder if  materials to make an Electrostatic-Donut  could include

     - crystals / or diamonds

     -  superconductive version of graphene

     -  other superconductor materials

   Obviously the problem would be how to tap what would be completely trapped in the loop

   Also, almost 2 years ago I posted this diagram,  of a method I thought that may make it possible to create a  Magnetic-Donut( where it's field  travels right around the donut ),  although one of the responses told me it would not work,  it is the diagram below