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A Simple Question About TPU Replication Attempts

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For sure there is an interest in rotating magnetic fields. For example their rotation on capacitor plates, is accompanied with the movement of displacement current across the plates. This direction looks more real to me. SEG (John Searle) is one more example presenting the same. 


I've heard about both things but never found a good analysis about magnetic fields within a capacitor or experiments that show it.  I do recall that there is a book called 'Shape Power' that claimed to put a coil in between two capacitor plates. I wonder if anyone replicated it and got any excess energy.

I'm inspired by the thought that free energy may be hiding from us within rotational inertia, whether mechanical or fields. I have enjoyed reading about this idea from the writings of Linevich and Kanarev.  It's difficult for me partly because I have to visualize what they are saying and the translations from Russian can be hard for me to understand.  If I can understand completely, I would like to post something vigorous for everyone to debate.

Yep.Whenever you have inertia you have Newton III law and reaction. The more mass you rotate the more counter-force you need to fight for.But that mass is critical because all generators works on "chain reaction" ;-)


The above is Linevich's work.  It's worth a careful read. Once you understand what he experimented with, you may be tempted to try to conceive of an easier way to do it, possibly with fields. 

One may also want to look at Otis Carr's Utron.

He explicitly states that forces act in straight lines, but motion is always curved.  Forces create motion and motion create forces.

I have to think there is something staring us in the face with those words we need to comprehend.


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