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A Simple Question About TPU Replication Attempts

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Did anyone replicate the Ultron claims? Or any of Carr's work?  I haven't delved into his work very much but it looks interesting.

I agree that there is something important here that is waiting for some clever person to figure it out.  I will say this: I think the Aspden Effect suggests that free energy exists and can be engineered into use. I think this was missed by Aspden himself and others.

I have examined SM's TPU photos up close through the years, & I know how his TPUs work.
The principal is very SIMPLE.  The core in the center is a plain ole 2 coil TRANSFORMER.
There are 2 coils in the TPU Circumference that attach to the transformer with 1 cap in Series with each coil.
Think of it as the Coils electrically Bouncing Back & Forth (at high speed) on the Core Transformer as it's running.
That's why it produces a Rotating Magnetic Field!

There is a 3rd Coil wound around the TPU circumference he called a Collector Coil, which is the Output Power.

That's it.  BUT SM said "If even a tiny little thing is even a Tiny Bit Off, it WON'T work!

To make a working unit, will take a LOT of patience trying out different coil & cap combinations.
Just trying to figure out what kind of transformer core he used can take a LOT of time & effort!

The bottom photo is a close up Core photo from his 17 inch TPU.

I gave up trying years ago.  Maybe somebody else can make it work?




--- Quote from: FatBird on March 15, 2017, 02:31:19 PM ---
That's it.  BUT SM said "If even a tiny little thing is even a Tiny Bit Off, it WON'T work!

--- End quote ---

Fatbird it is not simple.

And by a tiny bit off he means off frequency, which is critical.

I had written an extensive writing about the tpu i was writing for about 15 minutes when automatically refreshed and blanked the page, thank you Stefan i hope you will get your 2 cents for my 15 minutes of writing....

I will start over, i need to get this across.
It is sad to see that people still think that magnetic fields are the source of the energy, and that the point of catalyst can be reached by spinning magnetic fields in quadrature fashion i.e the Tesla patent.
This is all what people have been trying from the very beginning and this is not the way to go.
The process that makes the tpu tick is atomic/nuclear.
It involves nuclear magnetic resonance.
The electrons that circle around the nucleus react to externally applied magnetic fields.
By using the right combination of field strengths, frequencies, and pulse durations, a pattern can be created that firstly aligns, then disturbs (accelerates), and then releases.
The external field has a specific field strength, and can be static or have a specific frequency and pulse duration.
In the early experiments the external field consisted of the earth's magnetic field.
The second frequency is directly related to the field strength of the first, external field, as well as to the Larmor precession frequency of the material used for the collector.
When the earth's magnetic field is used the conversion frequency will be in the low Kilohertz range.
If a stronger external magnetic field is applied, the Larmor precession frequency will also go up.
The third frequency component is the (RF)pulse duration of the applied Larmor precession frequency.
Thus this is a so called 'gated' RF signal that is on for a specific period and then off for a specific frequency, and has a fixed frequency.
This gated signal is statically (HV), or magnetically applied or induced into the collector coil by means of a perpendicular (segment, control etc.) wire/coil wrapped around the main collector.
When the external field strength in combination with the correct RF pulse is applied (when you hit nmr/the right set combo etc.), an echo will be observed coming from the same RF (control) coil that fired the pulse, in the space, or silent duration of this critical pulsed pattern.
This is the tunning aspect of the device you have to tune your RF pulse train to the matching Larmor precession frequency / external field strength combination.
You are tunning your device to a frequency just like  a radio.
This can be done in several ways, either by using a fixed gated RF frequency and varying the external field strength, or by using a fixed external field strength whilst varying the RF frequency.
Once you have found the 'big kick' , (echo, catalyst, when all electrons slam back simultaneously upon release etc.) you will understand that you will have to repeat the process in triple fashion to set up one way rotation and to be able to establish feedback one kick feeds the next and so on.
Nobody said it would be easy but i am just getting tired of the rotating magnetic field Tesla transformer view, if it was that simple we would all have running tpu's by now.
This is why i asked this BRUCE_TPU (Troll,Attention Wh0re etc.) why the atomic energy commission was involved, and i got a vague answer that they didn't know what made the thing tick, but this is incorrect if you read the documentation that i have compiled you will find that they actually explained to Steven how it operated, they knew very well what made the thing tick and the potential of the process.
Bruce doesn't have any idea or clue he just wants attention/ego/feel good/subscribers.
Do some real research your self i have given you some good leads here.
The frequency and field strength components are well known and already have names, even tables exist with approximations of frequency for given nuclei/field strength/larmor combo's.
All the answers are there if you know where and what to look for, it has been literally staring us in the face for all these years...
I hope i have opened up the lid a bit further and i would also like to communicate to y'all that it is 3 horizontal coils wrapped over each other vertically, not interleaved.(see pic below)
The magnetic flux of the middle coil or main collector is nulled by the inner and outer coil, this is important to note because most of the images you find about tpu will show you a vertical stack of three coils in which the winding relationships are incorrect.
Im thinking about what more to say, good programming skills and knowledge of micro controller circuits can prove to be handy, a 555 isn't gonna do it folks.
Luckily we now have great tools like microchips arduino etc which you can program to put out a pwm train of x duration and have it listen for the echo make sure to drive your mosfet/igbt through the use of an optocoupler/driver so that your signal stays clean and does not get poisoned by noise.
That's all bit more promising then a diode and a battery, if you ask me.
Don't listen to the trolls, and especially don't send them any money.
Merry Christmas.


If you have any questions let's hear them.

The inertial effects are caused by the difference in propagation rates.
Permeability of the different materials sends out waves at different speeds.
The same frequency.
But propagating at different velocities.
The net difference between the 3 defines the gyroscopic precession.


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