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Author Topic: Emancipation of terrestrial hierarchies  (Read 1742 times)

Offline franco malgarini

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Emancipation of terrestrial hierarchies
« on: February 24, 2017, 09:30:38 PM »
Emancipation of terrestrial hierarchies
Emancipation of terrestrial hierarchies
On Earth we have 4 states:

The material world
The animals
The men

Each upper hierarchy tends to emancipate earlier;

The world material is liberated from the man with the technology, so that a simple material becomes a complex structure such as a robot or an electronic card, a machine; so the material world in the distant future will come to life, such as plants.

The plant world is emancipated from humans and animals to break away from the earth and move like animals,
see for example the flower you like the butterfly tends almost to fly.

The animal world is instigated by man to make himself an identity, an IO,
millions of years animals will become men ...

Thus it is fulfilled the Lord's work, life and the cosmos ...

Men are instigated by their upper hierarchy (the angels) to become spiritual beings,

and water is the great mediator .... the Middle .....

And 'why the rocks like to be crumbling as if you untie a prisoner ...
And 'why the flowers like to be educated as to break away from the earth ...

Unfortunately, the emancipation of the Earth's hierarchy also provides for the division of humanity
in two races: one that will become angelic and the other which will occupy a land residual waste ....
Humanity is destined and must accomplish great works, to do great things
to evolve ....
Will still be granted a few thousand years to the bad to redeem himself,
then they will be cast into the abyss ...
The mineral has only a physical body

The plants also have an etheric body

Animals also have an astral body

Men also have an I

The angels also have a vital spirit ...
the angels see us humans
just as we see the dogs ...
Times have changed completely for a century now,
In fact, there is a Master of the New Times
manage the spiritual emancipation of the land ...
Whereas ours is the era of ego development,
there is great spiritual movement among our co-planetary,
But, on the other hand, there is the unbridled development of selfishness ....
We are not all equal,
but at least we should be able to start all on the same line ...
St. Michael regent

According to Rudolf Steiner, the regent of this historical period of 350 years is the Archangel Michael.
The characteristic of Michele is to observe without judging.
Unfortunately televisions push us to the contrary incite ...
Instead the person must have evolved an attitude of respect for others.
Many of the evils of our time are from this attitude that comes from below.
Already today there are good prospects because the current selfishness should result in 50 years
in the so-called war of all against all, but will serve well to make it clear to mankind
what are its real objectives ....
In 1989, during the period when the Soviet empire crumbled and fell all European communist governments,
in Rome turned a little old lady who preached in the metro salvation in Christ;
she asked, and China? I said, China is untouchable!
And indeed, since then China has shown how do real capitalism ...
Think of the glory of God made man:
it is as if we humans incarnassimo in an ant to make it evolve ..